Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Musings

You didn't think I'd make it to Muse on Monday did you?  Well considering my history the past couple weeks you may have been right.  But the family is all busy doing homework or reading the paper so the house is quiet enough for me to think of a Muse or two.

Lets see.  Gas prices have plummeted to unheard of low prices and now the prices are starting to creep up.  It's been great for the wallet considering we have three vehicles to fill tanks for and a home to heat.

I was thinking this week that the best place to invest money would be a cardboard manufacturer or the FedEx or UPS companies.  It is crazy how much I see those trucks in the neighborhood.  I must not be alone in doing my shopping on-line rather than driving all over looking for thus and such.

I've been posting pictures of food on Instagram.  Why you ask?  I honestly don't know.  Maybe it is because I'm so uncreative and have no hobbies to show others.  Tonight I posted a picture of these homemade English muffins.
Last week was meatballs with a clever saying about how no one better sneeze so I don't lose my meatballs. 
 A bit earlier than that said these sweets were for my sweets.
I wonder what I should do next?

A sweet, and sassy teenager here was laughing obnoxiously tonight about my 'job'.  "Ha!  Stay-at-home mom!  Ha!  You have eight hours a day to relax don't you!  You try to look like you've worked hard all day and all you do is rush around right before we get home so it looks like you worked."  Well my sweet schnookims.  The food wouldn't be in the cabinet.  The laundry basket wouldn't be empty.  The homemade bread wouldn't be on the counter.  The house would be knee-deep in upheaval and dirt.  I could go on but I think the readership just may know a bit more than the sweet and sassy teenager that was trying to get my goat.

We had the privilege of having these little cuties come to our house with family for dinner yesterday.  
I had a dream the other night.  I was at a big get-together and I was single.  There was a very large crowd of people there that I knew.  But then I saw him.  He was across the way chatting with someone but I just felt like he was looking at me.  I finally decided to leave and as I got outside there he was.  He sat down on a bench near me.  Then he took my hand and smiled and my heart burst with emotion.  I was so happy.  Then I woke up and looked over at the same guy on the other side of my bed with his mouth agape and snoring sounds coming forth.  I'm just so thankful that even in my dreams I still would pick him - snores and all. 

We never really celebrate Valentine's Day all that big, but year after year, he always brings me flowers.  I always get him a little something that I remember him saying he needed.  The day of celebration is nice, but the rest of the year is even better.  I snapped this of us last night after the MYP had already gone to bed.  Just us on Valentine's Day 2016.  Middle-aged people with smiles. 
So this is enough.


  1. I LOVE freshly washed sheets. Especially after they've hung on the clothesline.

  2. Young love is sweet, but "old" love is's so comfortable and cozy and rich and deep. I love middle aged couples with smiles!