Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Monday Musings

Just kidding! Although it feels like Monday here today.  Yesterday, the MYP had off school. That makes it feel like a holiday.  And Saturday.  And parts of a Sunday.  And "I can't figure out what day it is today".  So back to regular quietness this morning and normal programming.

We were away for the weekend to visit friends.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a family picture.  Or hardly any pictures.  Maybe I was enjoying myself so much.  These people are the kind of friends where you don't have to have that momentary time of reacquaintance.  You just pick up where you left off if it was several months or a year past.  I like that.  Here's a picture of our daughters on the ski hill.

One of our daughter's friends will be moving away in a few months.  It has been heartbreaking for her.  I overheard her say on the phone to her friend, "I just don't want to have to be friendly when we see each other again after you move".  Apparently very close friends don't have to worry about friendliness.  It made me chuckle in spite of the sadness.

We locked up the cat in the house while we were away.  When we got home he meowed like he had a sore throat.  Apparently he must have been calling out for us while we were gone.  I took the following picture about 20 minutes ago.  I am biased because I think they're pretty cute.

The other day I was looking at one of our MYP as they were discussing something with another and I got the 'swelley' feeling in my heart and it literally made me catch my breath.  That feels so wonderful.

Some friends of mine suggested that I join a small group.  The purpose is to eat healthy and help lose weight for the next eight weeks.  At first I was flattered.  Then... wait a minute!  Do you think I'm overweight or eating bad food?  Huh?  Then I heard the finer details.  You really have to cut out wheat and very little dairy.  So I decided I have friends that think I'm chubby and hope I'll fail or at least lie.  Eight weeks without wheat and dairy is setting me up for utter failure.  Thanks anyway!  On a side note, these are actually close friends of mine and they meant no harm.  Or did they?  Heh.

We went into the big city last night to the auto show.  As we walked to the convention center, we stopped at the corner.  As the Chairman and I started to discuss something, some street guy came up to all three of our MYP, lifted up his shirt and showed them his colostomy bag (which was quite full I might add).  He was then begging from them for money.  You should have seen the six googly-moogly eyeballs looking at him and then turning in almost fear looking at us, their parents.  I don't think they'll forget that image for awhile.  Poor man.  But I don't think our dollar will assist him that much.

Well that is enough Musings for today.  I'll post a few things that made me smile this week.  Hope you don't mind me always putting silly stuff at the end!  Happy week ahead!


  1. I feel quite gruntled now that your musings for the week have been posted and I have read them!!

  2. If you put the silly/funny things at the beginning, we would be laughing too hard to read the rest of the post!

  3. glad to see you are consistent at this thing called blogging!! Looking forward to checking up on you soon!!

  4. glad to see you are consistent at this thing called blogging!! Looking forward to checking up on you soon!!