Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Musings

Happy Leap Day!  This is a very rare occurrence having leap day be on a Monday.  I looked at the future dates and see that the next to leap year days are a Saturday and Thursday.  So... needless to say this will be my final Leap Day Monday Musings.  Kinda sad isn't it?

I tried to research why leap day is in February but I started to read something about the Middle Ages and there were lots of numbers involved, so I gave up.  Too taxing on my feeble mind.  My only thought is I wish someone back in the Middle Ages decided to make the extra day in June.  Wouldn't June 31 be better?  I think so.

I took another silly quiz.  It said that the profession I was born for was to be a writer.  Touché!

I saw this yesterday.  I love the English language, but I cannot imagine trying to learn it as a second language.

We have just started to receive milk delivery again!  They come in glass bottles and it is delivered each week to our porch.  Kind of feels like a step back in time.  And not really too since I can change my on-line order up until 10:00 pm the night before and it is sitting frothy and fresh from the cow on my porch before 6:00 the next morning.  Now someone needs to tell the MYP to quit glugging it down so fast.  Might be cheaper to just buy a cow.

Speaking of food, I just love watching Tip Hero or Tasty food videos.  They show up on my Facebook feeder and are fun and have given me some ideas.  I think the Tasty ones up the enthusiasm with an "oh YES!" at the end of the video.  Makes me wonder if the recipe is that good since it seems they are trying to oversell it.

And speaking of food (getting redundant here!).  Son #1 is a bus boy at a local higher-end restaurant.  After him working there for nearly six months we finally took him.  It was fun to see the other wait staff come over and chat with him.  He relished in the fact he was alone with dad and mom and getting to eat a massive amount of ribs.  After I took a humongous bite of the steak I ordered, the waitress came over to see how it was.  I think I looked exactly like this.
Our little friend that is moving away as soon as school is out came over for yesterday.  Thankfully it is only one state south, so we still will see them often.
Well that's enough from me!  Happy week ahead!  And remember on this unique day, 'look before you leap!"  Heh.


  1. I'm not sure you deserve any comments after that last bit. :)

  2. Lol Gramma's Corner!
    Very cool re the milk delivery!

  3. Lol Gramma's Corner!
    Very cool re the milk delivery!