Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Monday Musings (holiday delay)

Greetings you peeps!  I've missed being in touch!  It's been a busy past week.  In fact, I just was folding clothes and counted up 29 pairs of underwear for one of the MYP.  Yes, I do laundry often.  I just think this certain young person changes approximately four times/day.

So it's the holiday season!  We've had wonderful days that were balanced out between the Chairman's family and mine.  We hosted "the Italian's" on Christmas Eve Day.  The food was amazingly wonderful as usual.  The company lively and fun.  The heart happy.  The two "Grandma's" do the main course which is spaghetti of course.  I wish you all could taste it.  😋

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baby toes 💙
Then we were off to visit my side of the family.  This time it was prime rib and ham and all the delicious fixings and rich desserts and too many cookies and strong coffee.  Yum.

So what else?  We have a new family member!  It wasn't my idea.  It wasn't my money.  But his name is "Peanut"  or "Hammy" or as I call him - "Hamish McTavish" because when you weigh about 3 oz. you should have a formal name.  He might be more aptly called "Cat Bait".  He's actually quite cute and entertaining as he hops in his little ball to roll around the floor.
So we head to the Windy City in a couple days to just have some family time.  I'm excited to get out of the rut of life if only for 24 hours.

Speaking of ruts, I'm really really struggling with blogging anymore.  I feel like my oomph is gone.  Who knows if the 'Chairman and Co.' has a future?

Happy end of the year to you!  Soon it'll be 2017.  I remember when our daughter entered kindergarten 12 years ago and thought of 2017 being her graduation year and a very long time in the future.  Well, I blinked.  And it's almost 2017.

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