Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Musings on time!

I can hear the collective clapping for a job well done!  Musing on a Monday!  Thanks for your rousing support.  Or not.

We've got snow!  Based on social media sightings, you would think it never snows!  My feeder was full of pictures of potted plants and chairs and pine boughs drooping 'neath the weight of the beautiful white fluffy stuff!  I may or may not have taken a picture too.  I'm original like that.

It made for some sketchy driving.  But thankfully, the Chairman is a competent driver and we got to all our locations safely.

We purchased a new humidifier the end of October and suddenly it didn't seem to be working.  I tried this or that and then called the 1-800 customer service number.  The "lady" that answered said her name was "George".  It gave me pause, but then I started in on my problem.  "George" kept insisting my issue was with my filter.  I told "her" that I changed it and it still wasn't working.  She insisted.  I resisted.  I was utterly convinced it was the unit itself.  Finally after about six minutes of going back and forth, I did exactly what "she" told me to do with utter skepticism.  To my chagrin it worked.  I'm glad I don't have to meet "George" in person anytime soon.  I think she'd think I was an irritating person.  I may or may not have been called "bull-headed" when I was a child.  I can't figure out why.

Did you know you aren't supposed to use an apostrophe and an "s" when saying Happy Holidays from the Hansen's!  It's to be just Hansens.  You learn something every day.  And for those of you that have received holiday cards from us in the past, please don't hold my bad English against me.

I have a couple merino wool shirts that I purchased at Costco close to four years ago that I absolutely love.  They're like SmartWool only better as they are quite thin and layer underneath sweaters without giving you heatstroke.  The lady at Costco said they won't be carrying them anytime soon.  So I hit EBay and there it was!!!  And a couple dollars cheaper than I originally paid!  And free shipping!  Which I'm currently wearing as I type along this post.  I looked up the name/address where it came from.  The lady lives in nowheresville Idaho with four children.  Her husband is a wee bit chubby.  They look like a happy family.  Amazing what you can find on the internet.  Shirts and stalking.

I've been doing on-line banking and I love it!  I finally started doing the take-a-picture-of-your-check and submitting it after the MYP kept telling me it was simpler than starting up my car.  I have been and it's been quite handy!  I wonder if the teller-lady "Sheryl" misses me yet?

Someone just came this past weekend and sharpened all my knives.  I've got band-aids to prove it.  I just hope my thumb doesn't get chopped off this week.  He wanted to be sure they were sharp enough so that you could slice paper-thin grape slices.  I don't plan to serve paper-thin grapes anytime soon, but who am I to argue?

Today is Lisi's birthday.  She's doing good for her nine years.  Our first dog Lincoln died at 9 1/2, so we will appreciate the time we do have with her.  She seems quite healthy and quite photogenic, so we'll love on her while we have her.

Well this is enough Musing.  I will throw a few pictures here on the bottom.  Happy week ahead!  I'm off to tromp in some snow and get some fresh air.
homemade Texas Roadhouse rolls/cinnamon butter

super-special family time 

extra-special people

yep it snowed here too!


  1. Me, too, on the outfit part! And, maybe I've taken a few snow pictures, or many, every year, or not. Come and check. HA

  2. Lisi still seems like a pup, in my head, anyway.

  3. I miss the knife sharpener for the many things he offers. My knives need him to visit us in GA real soon! I always had cut fingers after he practiced his magic here.