Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Monday Musings ta bit late

Well time to put my writer's hat on and see what words come out.  I should have blogged yesterday to be faithful to Mondays but I didn't have any words rattling around in my head yet.  Today I do!  Lucky you!

I just returned from visiting our orthodontist.  He has all this fancy technology and shows you the teeth in 3D and pictures and surround sound or what have you.  Quite fascinating.  Then he tells the treatment plan and the amount of money needed.  Since this is our fourth round of braces for the MYP (one had them twice), I wanted to pull out my pocket insides and show him that all I have is lint.  But I doubt that would have helped the situation.  He's model-magazine attractive.  So that doesn't help me being testy about the cost.

So we had an extra-special Thanksgiving.  It was so nice to be able to load up our contributions and go to another home this year.  And it was so nice to be with a full hand of extra-special people.  I hardly took any pictures.  But the food and friends and family together made my heart warm and happy.

My dad just celebrated birthday #86.  He's 'healthy as a horse' (his words).  But unfortunately, he cannot hear as he once did.  I really feel for him but am glad that there's technology that can help with the hearing and that he can thoroughly enjoy social interactions via text, Facebook, and emails.

My mostly-nice older brother and family were not with us this year.  Because of that, my self-esteem was soaring since he wasn't there to lovingly make a few well-deserved comments about what I just said.  I deserve it I guess.  There's something neat about siblings.  You feel like a kid again when you're together.  Thank goodness we'll see them within a couple months again so I can feel 14 instead of 51.

I got a text at 3 am this morning that said "I'm really sick and puked".  I'm glad I didn't read it until this morning.  I just find it amusing how that seemed like a normal thing to do for him.

I recently got a new phone.  Phone plans are about as easy to understand as x-y+b*q = z.  They are clever in that they tell you all that you are saving, but hardly on how much you are really spending.  Nonetheless, I really really like my new camera that came with it!

The new phones are kind of spooky though!  Sunday morning just as we got in the car to head to our usual home, my screen lights up to tell me how long it will take to get there.  I never told it where we were going.  It tells me when I should leave home for an appointment.  Then it tells me where I parked.  Then it tells me when to go to bed based on my alarm.  Pretty soon all I need to do is not use my mind at all.  Wait a minute.  That's kind of me already.

We were worried the other night about daughter #1 not leaving work even though she had been supposedly off an hour+ before.  So the Chairman calls at nearly 11 at night and asks very anonymously 'are you open?'.  He wanted to be sure it wasn't being held up or anything.  The next day we tell her that dad had called.  She said, 'are you serious?'  The boss got off the phone and said, 'boy some people are really stupid!'.  Heh.  We don't consider ourselves helicopter parents, but you sure heard the blades whirring that night!

We read in the bible to hate no man.  And I can honestly say I don't.  But is it ok to hate something?  Please say yes.  Because I HATE cancer.  Hate it.  I wish they could tell me that if you drink a tea at 2:37 on a Monday when there's a full moon that you will be guaranteed to not get it.  Life and disease isn't that simple.  I have friends/family that have been or are going through the journey of cancer.  It's terrifying for them and scary for us.  I hate cancer.  And I hope those that have or will be facing it know that there is a literal army of people that care and love them and support them.

So this is enough.  I'll add some pictures at the end here!
yum for homemade Indian food!

sweet sweet Lisi


WI was well represented in IL for Thanksgiving

Mama warming the lefse

My dear parents.  I'm so fortunate for them.

These lovelies visited us for several days.   
I consider myself good at parallel parking but am always conscious of what others are thinking...