Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Monday Musings this Tuesday

Greetings Peeps!  I've been looking forward to visiting with you but the pat 24 hours were extra-busy and extra-special.  Happy sigh.  For just a wee time a family member is in the state.  He logistically is further away, but mentally a bit closer.  And was a lot closer yesterday (obviously!).

We got to pick out our favorite proofs from our family picture/senior picture shoot a month ago.  It is dreadfully hard to pick.  I think that's a good thing.  Our friend/photographer is one talented lady.  One of the pictures we actually didn't choose is up on your right if you look and are on a computer and not your phone.  

Last wee was busy socially.  I went with a couple friends to this China Lights thing.  It was beautiful and my Chipotle bowl was delicious.  Yes, it's always about the food... 

I had a physical.  The doctor told me that people would pay for my numbers whatever that meant.  Go ahead and send checks if you want!  I take cash or check.  Anyway, she suggested a colonoscopy since I've ventured past the 5-0 mark.  So a lady called to set it all up.  I gave her the info she needed then just happened to go Google what it all entails.  No thank you.  Nope!  No-way-Jose.  No, it isn't the drinking all that terrible stuff and cleaning out every pipe in your body.  It's the simple fact I don't want to not eat for that long.  I don't want to feel sick.  I don't want roto-rooters come up from the basement.  We have no family history of colon cancer so I'll just stick to the easy test.  Thanks anyway!

The Chairman and I went out for a date!  Yes, for us that's a monumental experience.  Yes, we love our MYP.  Yes, our home will be much quieter in a few years.  But it was so nice to have it just be 'us'.  At least once every year or so!  

It was Halloween!  Oh I guess you would know that.  The Chairman always wants to be the one passing out candy.  I'm not sure why.  He likes talking to the neighbors and look at the cute little kids, but I think the main reason is that he's so excited to see all the candy go to someone else's house.  He doesn't know that I actually needed to buy another small bag before the actual holiday and may or may not have hidden a stash way up high.  But that'll be just our little secret.  Right?  Right?  Thank goodness he isn't a blog reader.

This was my view on Saturday night when it was getting to be 'quiet time'.  Thankfully, things did settle down soon after.  Yes, those are our monkeys and yes, this is our circus.
 Sunday we had a lovely potluck that had authentic Indian curry as our main dish.  We said a sad goodbye to a dear spiritually-rich lady.  She returns to India today.  She called me 'her other daughter', so I'll call her 'my other mother'.  
mother and daughter and a cute photo bomber

the spread

love this pic!  we've nearly been with her every week for 22 years!
So this Saturday is our 22nd anniversary!  It's always kinda neat when the anniversary is actually on a Saturday.

It smelled like something died in our fridge so I started an investigation.  Just a word of caution - if you have a very small amount of black beans that you think you'd eat at another time, don't risk it.  Phew!  

So happy rest of the week to you!  Glad to have a one-sided chat again.


  1. I really do enjoy your one sided chats, so just want to let you know so you don't get discouraged. If everyone that read your blog left a comment you wouldn't have time to cook good food for your family, you'd be so busy reading comments!

  2. P.S.... I always feel like I've been window peeking if I read an interesting blog post and don't leave a comment!

  3. One thing I have to do is rotate the contents of my fridge often. Sometimes I can go by feel for things going bad, but if I have no memory of ever eating said food, out it goes. And I have a bad memory. :)

  4. I survived my colonoscopy, and got a 5 year turnaround instead of the usual 10, grrr. I went home and ate right after. If people don't want to buy your numbers, they can buy mine. :)