Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Musings

Greetings!  It's getting later into this Monday and I haven't Mused.  I have a huge pile of laundry to fold but I'm putting all you sweet peeps before that.

Camping is such a blast.  And so much work.  If even for a couple days away.  And each and every time it is worth it.  It was nice to have friends join us again this year!

I always am fascinated about sharing the shower area with fellow-campers.  I lucked out early Saturday morning as this smart camper brought in a portable heater.  That took the edge off.  As I was drying off another older lady came in and said to me, 'you are the bravest lady I've ever met'.  Oh?  Well you showered this morning with it so cold!  I was hoping it was for a more noble reason than stripping down to my birthday suit in 30 degree temps.

Fall camping in Dairyland can be wet or chilly or both.  This time it was just chilly the first evening.  But we were sissies and had an electric site and an electric blanket besides.  So you true campers can scoff all you want.  The skies were blue, the leaves were oranges, yellow, and green.  And the air crisp.

We had a delicious breakfast and then headed off to hike.  After about an hour of wandering along trails and climbing on these cool ledges, we continued along and that's when I very ungracefully rolled my already weak ankle.  It was a lovely sprain and it took all my power to get back to camp.  Then I sat my behind on a chair and watched the fire and took a nap and pretended that all was well despite my swollen ankle.  Thankfully, some other friends came and brought me a wrap to help brace it and then I could actually function better.

Of course the highlight of the whole weekend was the fellowship on Sunday morning and an added bonus of lunch out with friends from that area.  I forgot to take a picture of the sweet family, but trust me, they're nice folks.  The Mrs. was actually on the raft trip back in '92 when I first laid eyes on the Chairman and he on me.  

So!  The camper is winterized and sadly, tucked away into the storage barn until next summer.  So bring on winter!  Really!  I have the wood lined up for the stove and wool socks in the drawer.  And I have a few MYP that would like to ski.  

I just noticed an ad that popped up on my computer.  They are pretty clever most the time but this one was disturbing.  "The best exercises for getting rid of that unwanted double chin and neck fat".  I'm wondering if the computer knows I've put on a few pounds or if a family member Googled it for me.  Heh.  Will see what my doctor says tomorrow when I go for my annual.  

So happy week ahead to you!  We've got a busy week ahead.  I'll slowly limp away.  Sorry for all this lacks.  

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