Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Musings

That's right!  Not much to Muse today!  It's been blissfully warm here.  But now the wind is whipping around and I think fall is coming back after summertime temps today!

It was beautiful when I went walking today.  Here was one of my views.  I can't believe at one point in my life I told people I couldn't stand fall.  What was ever wrong with me.  I mean really!
So the catering gig went over ok I guess!  I got lovely comments (unless they were just trying to be nice).  And possibly a couple more gigs forthcoming.  I almost was 'cooked out'.  Almost I say.  But not really.  I still love all things kitchen.

Yesterday after our morning time together, most of us were visiting in the kitchen and I looked over and saw this.  Luckily, I happened to have my phone in my jacket pocket.  That lady is incredibly spiritual and wise.  We will miss her when she heads back to the other side of the world to her home in a few weeks.

Someone we dearly love just relocated to the other side of the country.  There were so many times today I thought, 'I wonder if she's on the plane', 'I wonder if she's looking down at our state right now', 'I wonder how many were at the destination when she got off the plane?'  'I wonder if she's content tonight'.  'I wonder if they'll know how wonderful she is'.  I know there were a lot of 'Yes's' to my wonderings.  And for that, I'm so grateful.

We intend to do some fall camping this weekend!  Hopefully, there's a story or two.  And hopefully, it doesn't entail freezing our tails off. 

Without further ado.  Lets look at what's on my camera roll!



and I was...

I kind of felt like this... (sorry MYP!)

how the MYP felt today when I asked them to help with some yard work

for goodness sake's - yes!

Lisi wants to be fed three times/day now.  And each and every time she will not eat until I rub both sides of her face and nuzzle her on top of the nose.  Then she'll start.  Simba has a huge list of demands because, well, cats are just like that.  And I have to say I don't mind one bit.

So happy week ahead to you!  


  1. Pretty certain I know the special relocated someone you referred to. It won't take them long to realize how wonderful she is. Your state will miss her fiercely, as did NE when she left.

  2. She's settling in nicely, and gung ho on her work.

  3. Nice to read the above comments. I was thinking - all the answers would be Yes!
    But the selfish part of me is sad. I'd kind of hoped everyone would just leave her in WI forever!
    Love that second pic. 😃