Friday, October 14, 2016

Feasting Friday

I'm not sure if this is a bonus Muse or simply a replacement for this Monday.  It's quiet here at the moment, so will take a few moments to let the fingers do the talking.

Feasting you say?  Why that adjective?  Well I've been cooking on all four burners and both ovens.  My sweet friend, aka Chicken Farmer's wife is hosting a camp this weekend and kindly asked if I wanted to cater for the event.  Dinner for 30 at noon and another 25 for the evening meal.  She gave me the menu and I'm following it mostly.  It's been fun and laborious.  I do love cooking and baking, so it's been quite a fun week for me!  The freezer is completely full of the goods and I can't wait to serve it all up tomorrow.  Hopefully it all tantalizes the taste buds.

I just bought new sheets.  They're called "Velvet Touch" from Costco.  If you want to feel like a baby nestled in your mama's arms, then these are for you.  If you have a tendency to get hot at night, these are not for you.

One of the MYP asked this week if I'd do laundry for him/her.  They mentioned it had been awhile, yet there were not a ton of clothes in the basket.  However, there were... count 'em... 26 pair of underwear.  Meeshka!  No wonder the plea was desperate.

We had a couple of doctor visits this week.  The follow-up on the foot surgery is going A+.  Thankfully, she's able to walk almost normally and the scars are slowly fading.  The other appointment was with an allergist for an asthmatic son.  As he was about done he inquired if we wanted to try a new medicine since it was free for a year.  Seriously???  With no insurance coverage for incredibly over-priced medicine, this was Christmas in October to say the least.  I think Dr. Allergy almost looked nervous when I about leaned over to give him a hug.

Our high school now does 'career planning meetings' for the freshman and their parents.  It was somewhat informative but I find it somewhat humorous and horrifying that these 14-year olds are just trying to figure out who they are as people (through sometimes rampant mood swings) and are being encouraged to try and figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

So a couple days ago there were sirens.  Lots of sirens and flashing lights.  I take a look out the window and see seven emergency vehicles at the neighbors.  Long story short, the neighbor man of only 56 died in bed of a heart attack.  Later that day I saw his wife walking slowly around the neighborhood with a friend or sister or someone close to her.  It was hard to shake off the feeling of how dreadful it all would be - your healthy husband mowing the yard the night before and now gone in just an instant.  Life can change in a moment.  I think the Chairman has appreciated the fact that I've been so appreciative of his presence this week.

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  1. Oh my, that food!
    Could you just turn down the heat and have the sheets? I'd try that!