Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Musings

Greetings!  It's a beautiful, fall day out there and I need to go enjoy it.  But first I'll let my fingers tap away at the keys and see what words come out on the screen.

I just read an article, "Eight things you should NEVER do to your cat".  Of course I clicked it (click bait anyone?) and I do seven of the eight things listed.  Don't tell Simba because he thinks I'm the cat's meow (pun intended).  I snickered when I read you should never, EVER let the outside alone.  Simba would think I'm weird following him around all night as he hunts.

I got yelled at last week for making three-bean white chili.  I may or may not have had a lapse in judgment and served it right before the girl's choir concert.  I may or may not have secretly thought it was all quite hilarious.  Thankfully, there were no 'incidents'.

Last weekend, the Chairman, myself, the youngest of the MYP, and Lisi headed into the city for a hike near a river.  It was quite lovely!  We traipsed around a park area that was remote, wandered down some streets where the houses are really, really close together, and continued by huge high-rise condos at the lakefront of Lake Michigan.  It all was quite enjoyable and interesting.

Lisi loves adventures like that and seems to really shine as she's in these different places.  She got lots and lots of comments and compliments from people as we walked past them.  One guy looked at me and smiled sweetly and said, "so pretty!" to me.  I smiled back at him and then he nods toward Lisi and adds, "the dog".  He must have figured I thought he was talking about me.  Oh well.

I claim to be a country girl living in the city.  That is somewhat true.  But there are certain amenities about living in a city.  We happened to be walking past the Italian grocery store I really like and so I ran in to grab a few things I like getting from them.  It's really neat when one of the older Italian owners is the one to serve you.  I think I had "Joe" this time.  He always has a ready smile.  Then from there I told the Chairman I needed to stop at the Indian grocery store a little further out of town.  So I ran in for some more spices and paratha.  They play their native music over the speakers and I was the only one that wasn't Indian by birth.  Felt like a quick trip to Bangalore!

So I've been busy cooking today!  And I don't have a clue what I'm serving my family for dinner.  You see I've been offered to cater for my friend again.  Two batches of cookies done, chicken pre-cooked, and I'm moving on to the pumpkin bars soon.  But Lisi keeps glaring at me so I better get outdoors for a bit first.

Happy rest of the week!
So pretty!  Looks like spring!
Lisi was totally at home at the coffee shop
He must be from the south.  We like it unsweetened around here. 


  1. Italian grocery stores, and Indian grocery stores?? I am seriously such a hick!!

  2. hi. glad you are still having fun! nice to read this.

  3. I saw that tea pic and thought: Huh- that's me when I get sweet tea. 😎