Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Musings

I'm doing it!  Blogging a Muse this Monday!  Don't think it's because I love to create prose on this medium for you peeps.  It's a form of procrastination.  You see I decided this morning to wash some windows/screens inside/out.  It's a gorgeous fall day here in Dairyland.  Some of the inward parts of our windows are starting to show a little dirt/mold.  Ok.  A lot of dirt and sometimes mold.  So I need to attack it.  It isn't fun and I'd rather blog.

So what's new you ask?  Not too much!  We've had beautiful fall days.  Last week one day Lisi and I were out on our walk.  I stopped and took a picture.  There were lots of 'outtakes'.  And here's one of my favorites.  Lisi loves to get her picture taken but I think it's just because she thinks I suddenly want to tell her in the middle of the woods how much I appreciate her.  She's weird like that.
Is the election over?  Tomorrow?  YAY!  I'm exhausted from avoiding political talk or ads.  

The Chairman and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary over a week ago at a lovely restaurant with just the two of us.  We knew this past weekend was going to be a busy one.  And it was.  We had a lovely time and a good visit - just the two of us.  

Then this weekend on the eve of our anniversary Saturday, all five of us went to Chipotle and then to wander the mall a bit.  We got done eating and were just sitting there chatting with our three MYP and I just had to take a picture.  You see I rememeber thinking the day of our wedding - "I wonder what will happen down the road twenty or more years".  I was a bit of an older bride (29) so maybe I was more futuristic in my thinking.  Anyway, there we were.  The five of us.  And here was the life we had made for ourselves.  It goes without saying that my heart was and is full.  

they may or may not have been poking each other as I took this

This is what 21 years and 364 days looks like

they even named a chair after him
Yes, life hasn't always been roses and sunshine, but it's been very, very kind to us.
We had a lovely family day with most the local extended relatives on Saturday.  It was great to be together and super-fun to be able to hold this little fella a lot during the day.  I was a bit 'babied out' after our three came rapid-fire.  Now I again love that squishy-sweet feeling of a new one.

And what could be better than a huge pile of homemade doughnuts?

One thing the Chairman and I vowed to do once we knew we were going to add a biological child to the mix was to be absolutely certain that there would be not one inference in any way, shape or form that one child was more important than the other.  I think we've been successful and though we have created our family through adoption and birth, it isn't a part of our thinking on a daily basis.  At all.  

However, the other night, son #1 presented his dad and I with a beautiful engraved cutting board he secretly made for us.  And what made it all the sweeter was the card he wrote to us about being thankful for his family and us as parents, and some other stuff that ordinarily doesn't come from the mouths of 16-year old boys.  Lets just say none of us had dry eyes.  To go from an eight-pound perfect little baby boy to a teen that towers over me that is ambitious and kind is a wonderful thing for us to witness.  
So here's a few things I enjoyed this week:
yes I did once when I was about 10 and I never have liked them since

but the mornings are good!



  1. I love to make homemade doughnuts. I'm so glad I stuffed myself with them when I could really enjoy them. I'm so sad they don't taste like much now.