Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Musings

This is unusual.  I usually try to type out a blog post when the house is quiet except for the snoring dog and the cat purring on a chair nearby.  However, I decided I wanted to quick blog before I slid into my deliciously fuzzy-warm sheets and Monday turned into Tuesday.  The Chairman just left for the evening walk with Lisi.  He just yelled that it's only 12 degrees and he wished he had on long underwear.  Doesn't he realize I'm busy doing important things other than responding to his concern of a cold tush while walking?  Daughter #1 is exercising in the basement, son #1 is away at basketball, and daughter #2 is singing at the top of her lungs in the living room doing her homework.  I hope she doesn't come bother me for a bit.

To be perfectly honest, this post isn't worth your time or strain of the eyeballs.  I have little to share that's noteworthy.  The past week has been filled with pretty much ordinary days and ordinary living.

* There was a comment I heard from one of the MYP a few days ago.  Mom?  "Can I get XYZ when I get older?"  Then she quickly added brightly, "I'm going to be older tomorrow!"

* We got about 7 or 8" of snow over the past couple days.  Happy dance!  I'm so so glad we will have snow this winter.  I hope we get another 7-8" this weekend but unfortunately it seems like it'll only be in the 3-5" region.

* The dog loves the colder temps and the deeper snow.  The cat?  Not so much.  He sleeps most all day and half the night and then meows to go outside about 2:30 only to race back in at 6 am.

* I suggested to the Chairman the other night that maybe we should consider a king-sized bed.  He groaned and said it was a terrible idea.  We have a queen and that size has worked for 22 years.  But sometimes I fantasize about lying in bed without worrying about someone breathing on me.  Oh well.

* We might be adding to our family!  No, no more MYP.  My quiver is full.  The girls have been asking for a hamster and are promising to care for it and pay for it with their own money.  I just see the new arrival being cat bait.

* We cleaned a huge amount in the unfinished part of the basement.  I found utility bills from 16 years ago.  I also found a gift bag that a friend brought over to cheer me up at a very sad time.  It is slightly ripped and looks like it should go in the garbage, but I just couldn't.  Just seeing it makes me so thankful for thoughtful friends.

* Daughter #2 had four adult teeth yanked out of her mouth last Friday.  She was a trooper and got to drool and eat applesauce and oatmeal.  The body heals amazingly fast.  She will have tinsel on her teeth within 10 days.

I think that's about all I have for you!  See?  I told you life was kind of dull around here.
true that

two of the three MYP texted this to me...😁

trying to feel her chin


a girl and her friend on a snowy Sunday

Son #1 took a picture of this because he thought it looked so amazing.  Cooking for teenage boys is so rewarding.

This is so good.  I'm a daughter and also a mother...  

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  1. Hamster's are cat bait. When I brought Jim home the firt time to meet my folks, we were a bit awkwardly visiting in the living room when the cat raced through with my youngest brother's hamster. The room came to life in seconds, but the hamster didn't make it.