Tuesday, January 25, 2011


And nothing more.  Still thinking serious thoughts.  Thinking about life and how precious it is.  Through the gift of being more 'connected', we hear of other situations of loss.  And maybe it is a good thing.  It makes us want to reach out.  Encourage.  And intercede for help.

Had a really nice past weekend.  It started out with special company here for supper/night on Friday.  They left here on Saturday morning leaving a sweet influence behind.  Then a wonderful, packed service for a dear old man.  It was standing-room only.  He had a lot of family and a lot of friends.  He would have just shook his head slowly and smiled at the crowd.  Then we raced to Madison to surprise my much older sister and eat pasta together.  It was so fun.  The kids and I spent the rest of the weekend with them south of the border.  How neat is that!  I even 'let' her win the Scrabble game by six points.  Didn't want her to think her mind was slipping or anything.

Son #1 got his real first snowboarding experience and he loved it.  Wow... 10 years old.  He's in basketball now these days.  My heart just swells when he looks up at the stands at me with a grin.  That's my boy!  Kids are great no matter if they are boys/girls.  But I love having both.  We are lucky.

Was making the Chairman's granola today and had 4-10 minute increments to get stuff done between stirs.  And you know what?  You can get a LOT done in 10 minutes.  Believe me.  It was actually a fun way to get through tedious tasks.  Really, when you're a SAHM, so much is mundane and repetitive.  At least it's a way to make it more 'fun'.

Brought home a fresh bag of dog food today.  Now mind you Lisi met me in the driveway with he fluffy tail wagging like mad.  I thought nothing of it as I backed into the garage.  She raced to the back of the van all excited.  Is it possible that she actually smelled the dog food in the van before I even drove in?  It really appeared that way.

And the Packers!  Packer fever in these parts.  "We" are bound for the Super Bowl!  Whoooot!  The newspaper has big, fat special sections about it.  The stores are sold out of NFC champion t-shirts.  Crazy I say!  And really fun!  I think they classify me as a 'fair-weather fan', which drives the 'true' fans crazy.  Oh well.  The ride is shorter and more fun this way!

Facebook is starting to lose some luster I think.  Or maybe I'm wrong.  But I'm not seeing quite as many status updates as there were say a year ago.  True?  Or not?

Better call it a day.  And be thankful for the one I had.


  1. I think there are less status updates too--maybe some of us *ahem* have learned not to talk so much....or at least control it better. Oh...you think I still talk too much? Yeah--I do!

  2. Reminds me how we used to set the timer for a couple minutes for each to take a turn to clean up a kitchen mess? Made it a game!

  3. I'm Laura from NH - Shelley and Johanna knew I'd love your blog b/c I love to write, too. (We're at www.logonblogon.blogspot.com) I just had to comment on YOUR comment about FLYlady.net. It really is a wonderful, effective system that helps those of us not born organized. I highly recommend it b/c it's changed my attitude and home big-time.