Monday, January 3, 2011

Morbid Monday Musings

This time it actually is on a Monday!  Just back from a gruesome walk with Lisi.  You see we have these woodchucks or ground squirrels or whatever they are called about a 1/4 mile from here.  They've made a fantastic tunnel system near one of the ponds.  They are usually out.  Or "He" is usually out when we go by.  Lisi has playfully tossed Mr. Woodchuck nearly each time we go by.  The Chairman was horrified on his walk the first time it happened.  He came back to report in on how Lisi had tossed this big rodent thing high in the air.  Oh.  She does that every day when we go during daylight hours.  Well today she wasn't in a good mood.  Or Mr. Woodchuck did something.  Or dog-nature kicked into high gear.  But she first did a playful toss.  Seemed innocent enough.  Then she grabbed Mr. Woodchuck and shook and bit (presumably very had).  He landed.  Lisi stood over him.  One little paw was just shaking in a seizure-like state.  Then all was quiet.  A couple sniffs later and Lisi was ready to move on.  Mission accomplished.  And I feel sick.  I love nature and realize that is a part of life.  But still.  He was ambling about doing what they do and wham.  Death by a dog.  Ick.  Which leads me to thoughts about teeth and jaw strength and so forth.  Really for the size of that thing and the apparent instant death through a chomp, Lisi's jaw strength is scary-strong.  I'm glad in her doggy brain she doesn't relate such intent to innocent people.  I guess that's why we have a 'soft-mouthed' golden.  And why we took her to endless hours of training.  Good dog, Lisi.  Sorta.

We had a wonderful ringing in of the New Year.  A smaller crowd.  At the usual cozy home.  With some of our favorite people.  Playing games.  Sharing our lives.  And eating tasty treats.

Yesterday was a 'special' day for us.  Lots of you know what I mean.  It was one of the better ones.  One thought mentioned was that you can't share something with others if you don't possess it yourself.  I love the thought that those that are sharing such riches are not telling us to do something they aren't willing to do themselves.  They do it and go so far beyond what is expected of us.  One thing about the location yesterday.  The HVAC system was on steroids.  In the morning it got to be about 98.7 in there (I'm exaggerating slightly).  In the afternoon, it was near-blizzard conditions until someone said something to the authorities and then the temperatures started to climb.  Was fascinating watching the coats go off and on and off.  I did listen though...

I feel a bit lonely today.  Two weeks ago I was feeling a bit anxious about the very long break that was upon us. The kids like things happening.  Places to go.  People to see.  All three are extroverts (wonder where they get that from?).  We kept plenty busy.  And the bus came and the Chairman drove away and it was ominously quiet.  An empty nest for 7 hours.  I'm glad they are coming home again.

This isn't really funny is it?  I like funny.  Oh well.  There's lots of time this year yet for funny...

I haven't posted any pictures lately.  Want me to bother?  Or not.


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  2. SURE...we want you to "bother" posting. You don't know us, but maybe some day we'll meet at a "special" place ;-) that lasts for more than one day!