Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

... to all of you!  As I laid in bed frustrated by the snoring listening to the echoing silence this morning, I was thinking about this past year for us personally.  It was a year that will not be remembered for always.  We didn't have a significant change in our lives.  We didn't lose a loved one, have a child brought into our lives, move, get desperately sick, or anything else.  We just lived.  Went about our business.  Enjoyed the kindness and friendship of others.  And loved our family.  Ordinary days and an ordinary year.  That's a good thing.  

Our computer is fixed!  You see our mouse was dying.  It didn't squeak anymore (ok, bad joke).  So I went to replace it.  But it was an all-in-one thingy and since an unnamed child in this household kinda sorta bent the usb thingy that you plug in, both the keyboard and mouse were now irrelevant.  So thanks to the store with the yellow sign, we're in business again.  And it's cheaper than buying a new computer that's for sure.

Three years ago at this very moment, I held our first golden named Lincoln as he was put down.  He suddenly succumbed to cancer and there was no choice.  I cried more than I ever thought I would as his paw draped over my arm.  Our entire family bawled driving home for the suddenness of it all.  It was sad.  And those of you that have been loved by a dog know the feeling.  When we lose a loved one, there's an aching gap that gets more bearable with time, but doesn't go away.  When we lose a pet, it hurts, but if there's another, they fill that empty spot.  And for all the stories - frustrating, hilarious, and just plain stupid, I kinda like dog #2.  A lot.

The house sure is more quiet without our son here.  We get him back tonight.  I miss his heavy body leaning into mine for a back scratch at night.  I miss the fracas he brings when he riles up his sisters (well sorta anyway), I miss him gulping down a couple glasses of milk without his adam's apple hardly moving.  Sons.  They're great.

Our snow is about gone!  Has been nice to have a little intermission in this winter.

Noticed this is post #625 for me.  Is that significant?  I'm not sure.  But it sure sounds like a lot.

Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine!


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family too. As for your comment on my blog...I always think of how beautifully the serious thoughts flow from you to your blog. Thankful for that.

    Could it be that 2011 our paths might cross? It would be nice...someday. :-)

  2. Happy New Year to you too, old lady!! Will you be able to stay up and see the new year???

    "Speaking" of losing wonderful pets, we lost our horse this winter. Still can hardly bear to think about it.

  3. Happy New Year from our spot in the world.!

  4. Happy New Year all of you. Hope to get your way again one of these weekends.

  5. Post #625 is significant because it's the number five raised to the fourth power.

  6. sorry LIW about your horse...very sad! And I almost can't read that about Lincoln...soooo sad ...
    as you know we just got a new puppy and i realize that not only is it a financial commitment it's a very real emotional one as well...we're all rapidly falling in love.

    I told Jeff, "This past year was a good one...noone died." And what I meant was..noone extremely significantly close ( such as parents) died this past year...

    I might be checking in more often to obtain tidbits of pet care wisdom...

    Happy New Year to you and yours ( whether they're snoring or not!)

  7. Happy New year--Wow, you are quite a bit ahead of me on your posts. I wanted to hit 400 before the new year, I was so close. I didn't have the gumption or something to make it work.