Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's thoughts...

So they predict a little snow on Saturday.  I will probably irk some people, but I'd like a few feet, not inches.  Why you ask?  So the kids can work on a fort that they've already lined with grass and supports in hopes of a big dump of snow to really make it 'sweet'.

Bing Crosby croons that this is "the most wonderful time of the year".  Well I think mid-June is about the most wonderful time for me.  My feet are warm.  The sun is out for hours.  The garden is growing.  And the kids are out of school.  But I'm not Bing Crosby.

To stay warm these days though, there's only one word to cure it:  Smartwool.  If you don't know about this company, look it up.  Their products are toasty to a "T"!

I rearranged the living room again.  Well not a major overhaul, but tweaked and switched and so forth.  It makes it all feel so new and clean and fresh.  I'd like to do our bedroom, but it really doesn't 'work' another way.  And moving our bed would give me a hernia that would follow me to my grave.

Three people in our Sun. morning group are having a birthday today!  Considering we're only about 23, that's pretty interesting.  All three are special.  One is our elder.  I'll post about him some day.  He's gifted in so many ways I don't want to write about it until I've got the appropriate words.  He's done so much for us personally as well as our 'field'.  The next one is a dear lady that has been lovingly caring for her very older husband for many years now.  She loves him to the core.  He is not communicating much with her these days, but that doesn't stop her from still showering him with love.  There's such a lesson in that.  The last one is defecting to a new group.  It is not something of their own choice.  It was planned for them.  We are sad, but know changes are good and necessary.  This guy is the one that our son thinks walks on water in hip boots.  This guy is the one that took our son to a very memorable trip to Canada last summer.  This guy would give you the last dime in his pocket if he could.  And he makes anyone comfortable.

Yes, people are all so special in their own way.  It's really wonderful how everyone is so unique, isn't it?

I think I told you about our friendly UPS man.  Well I see him daily on my walks.  He always slows down the big brown truck to wave.  Well a couple days ago I was off schedule and wasn't out when he was going by.  I happened to be in the front window looking out and he paused to wave and off he went again.  Maybe he has a crush on me.  (tee-hee)


  1. What a cute blog background...even if I'm NOT enjoying the cold. There's still something about the "look, and smell" of least for a few days. HAHA!

  2. I met smartwool about a month ago when Connie brought a bunch of their socks over. I got a pair and they're great!