Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monday Musings...

Or not.  It's already Thursday.  But I have an excuse.  We've been away.  We left on Monday actually.  Headed north to the Dells with two other families that extended to four and a few more.  (We're fun like that.)  We are fortunate for that type of amusement just shy of two hours away.  We rent a condo.  We bring enough food to stay through a weeks-long blizzard.  We eat.  We squeeze into our swimsuits after eating.  We ride down slides. Talk endlessly (especially me you Mean Older Brother), and we squabble over how high the thermostat should be at night (more on that in a bit).  For our kids they always say it is the 'best trip ever'.  And for them, it probably is.  For me?  Super nice I'd say.  But the bed the Chairman and I shared was like rolling from side-to-side in a hammock.  It was wonderful to be back home in our own hard as a rock firm bed.

Anyway, it was nice.  One of the the guys we went up with has been a friend of ours, well, since about the day we got married.  And he's funny.  With one-liners.  But his forte (I don't know how to do the accent thingy on that) is people watching.  And water parks leave you with your eyes bulging.  It's kinda like sitting at the mall in the atrium watching people walk past in their underpants.  You see all the things you shouldn't.  You see tattoos everywhere and I mean everywhere.  You see moles that should be checked.  Toes that have fungus.  And well... never mind.  So Mr. S. was great fun to sit next to as we watched the waves come crashing in at the wave pool.

And then there's the chicken farmers.  They came too.  They are delightful.  Fun.  Spunky.  Interesting.  Spiritual.  And just plain nice.  They didn't bring their chickens.  But I did hear a couple cell calls on telling So-And-So to be sure to check on them.  I sure hope so as we're waiting for eggs again.  Mr. Chicken Farmer decided the heat was too high in the condo the first night so basically turned it off and the rumpled people staggering out of their rooms almost without fail - complained about how cold it was.  So night number two, he left it warm and he was hot and the rest of us were not.  Group dynamics... usually someone loses.

And so the splashing and fun is over.  Back to the washer and dryer.  And walking the dog and various other mundane tasks such as making another batch of the Chairman's Granola.  He's looking nervous that the bag is empty.  Our son is gone until tomorrow.  You see he thinks Mr. Chicken Farmer walks on water and you know what?  He really does!  But just in winter.  They were to spend some time sitting in a tree shooting innocent living things and then ice fish until their hands are numb.

I didn't hardly pull my camera out of the bag.  I might scrounge up a cell phone picture or two once I'm not feeling lazy.  So all these words should maybe equal a picture or two.

Off to the mundane on a Thursday...


  1. Sounds delightful! A very happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time at the Dells. A bunch of our friends were there Thur to Sat. We were invited but couldn't go. Went a few yrs ago. Fun to see who ya run into from around the state. Saw a bunch of Cravens and some others we see some times at Menomonie.

  3. This post made me laugh just thinking about those you were talking about. You had it down to a T:) Made me wish we were there with you all. We havent gone since Adriana was really little. Next time you go call me...were not so far these days~Happy New Year too!

  4. I laughed, too. And what you wrote about is just exactly why I just can't stand being around a lot of people in swimming suits. It just is too... too... well... I wouldn't want to be watching you in your undies so this is sort of the same... and I sure wouldn't want you watching me in my undies. I don't know, I'm just twitchy like that. I like small groups, though, when it comes to swimming suits! ;)