Monday, December 13, 2010

Lucky Dog!

I know a lot of you think I'm just a pedigreed ally mutt.  And maybe I am.  But I'm special too you know.  Even some nice boys that live by me think so!

Wow!  What's this!!!

Nice toy, eh?
You see a couple days ago the phone rang.  The big lady that yells but loves me anyway picked it up and talked to someone.  Then she said, "Lisi!  Someone is coming to see you!".  Well I got my name anyway, but that other stuff I didn't understand.  She forgets my brain is a dog brain sometimes.  Anyway the doorbell rang!  I love that.  It means someone has come to see me!  The big lady lets this small person in and he shyly smiles at the big lady and then at me.  And oh boy!  What is he holding?  It looks like a fantastic toy!  For me?  The big lady talks with this boy and then they hand me the bright red toy.  The little boy says 'Merry Christmas Lisi!'  It's a tug.  And a ball.  And a rope.  All in one.  Oh my.  It's been great.  I carry it with me to wherever I go.  We retrievers like to... well... retrieve.  And carry things from one place to the next.  Makes us feel important.  And needed.  And busy.

I might add that these neighbors of ours don't realize that I'm a world-famous author of riveting stories.  Maybe I'll have to let them in on our little secret.  That I'm more than just a super-friendly, drop-dead gorgeous dog.  I'm famous!  And loved by millions lots of people all over the world!


  1. That is pretty sweet.
    More than just a drop-dead gorgeous dog... famous and loved, too! ;)

  2. That is a lucky dog! Nice neighbors you have. Lisi isn't on facebook yet though, is she?? ;)