Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We may have a situation here.

Multiple potential threats and issues have been identified.

There may be a need for me to address the blog readership.

My unofficial boycott of social networking and the blog scene appears to be a complete failure.  Despite my lack of posting for well over one year, the blog readership has increased.  Apparently, my contributions are irrelevant to readership demand.

More troubling, in diverse situations, I have keenly picked up references to "The Chairman."  These comments are made while I am quietly and peaceably struggling to go about my paradigmatic routine.  This means the title reference is no longer just relegated to the blog.

As I have not referred to myself as Chairman outside of this blog, the whole concept appears to have taken on a life of its own.  As readership has grown, there may be a general lack of awareness over how the title came to fruition.

About 32 months ago, I recognized a need to assert certain guidelines in blog content.  I took on the title of Chairman of the blog simply to provide strategic direction and sporadic tactical scrutiny.

Specifically, in real life, I do not hold the title of Chairman of anything.  I have no equity ownership in any business involving people.  I am not seeking self-elevation by title misuse.

Some have suggested that I should have chosen the title of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  But this would be completely unrealistic.  The title of CEO implies active control.  I do not have active control over the blog.  Over 99% of blog content is provided by the Publisher/Editor.  I do not censor a blog entry before posting.  Rather, I am just happy that the Publisher/Editor has not censored me.

Which leads to another question.  Why do I not read the blog?  Well, I do not read any blogs.  If I did read blogs, I would definitely read this one.  I might even become an active reader.  On occasion, the Publisher /Editor will call attention to a post.  Typically, I may request a verbal summation.  More importantly, I prefer unique content that is not intended for the larger audience.

As I appreciate self-initiative, I am pleased the Publisher has found success in her venture.  Blog readership has increased and operating expenses have not exceeded revenues.  Good job Honey!

Hopefully, this particular blog post will diminish any perception that I am seeking self-aggrandizement.  As Chairman, I declare that the current management structure will remain unchanged for the forthcoming year... or at least until the next board meeting.

The Chairman



  1. i would say 294 readers is quite an improvement over the maybe 30 or so of last year! i do read blogs occassionally and i'm glad you approve of this one!
    i certainly approve of this post! if you were on fb ( another social networking site for your information...)i would have pressed the "like" button for your excellent prose and praise!

  2. haha- I'm chuckling at MJ!
    So it's safe to say that The Chairman's Wife could blog about The Chairman's Bday present here and he'd never know...