Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Musings

My little field trip group I mentioned last post

Reality in the mudroom 

Decorating gingerbread

King of the... big ball

Queen of the 'horse'

Always happy (except in the early morning)

sledding fun

The Chairman, children, and charmed dog 

What I found on my mirror that was written
by a 'friend' of ours... who is named after
a city in Colorado

Glass markers are great fun.  We found this
when we were going to bed last night.
Here we go again!  The weeks slip by quickly.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm redeeming the time as I should when I see how time goes by.

The laundry piles up quickly.  Especially in winter.  And especially when the clothes are bigger than they used to be.  Our 16-year old machine keeps plugging away.  But there is a rust spot on the drum that I have to make sure wet clothes don't sit on...

I have fallen in love with the piano all over again.  I'm so thankful that I took lessons as a kid.  I'm so thankful for being able to play all of our hymns.  And I'm thankful for good thoughts that come when I'm playing.  And I'm thankful for kids that know the words and sing along absentmindedly while they are doing something else.

The weather is frightful.  Well actually just real cold.  And windy.  The howling winds at the door hearken me back to the prairies of SD.  The wind basically howled about 300 days/year - in winter or summer.  And there was an extreme coziness to knowing we were safe and snug inside while the blizzard raged.

They called it a blizzard here on Sunday.  But it wasn't a blizzard like I remember.  We still went where we wanted to go.  And we could see a good mile away.  A 'real' blizzard is complete white.  Right outside the window.

We're big into "Yo Mama" jokes here.  And the MYP keep saying, 'mom!  Listen to this one!!!'.  Here's a few and I quote:  Yo mama is so stupid that she tried to put her M&M's in order.  Yo mama is so fat that when she sat on the beach, Greenpeace threw her in.  Yo mama is so fat that when I wanted pigs in a blanket she got back in bed.  Yo mama is so fat that when she got on the scale it said, 'one at a time please'.  I think you get the picture.  At least we've moved beyond just basic potty humor.  Or not.

The younger of the girls got to go to the Milwaukee ballet and see "Nutcracker" last Friday.  A pretty nice field trip I'd say!

Am planning on a cooking post very soon.  And maybe a few choice recipes.  Will see what develops.  I do have to make nine dozen cookies by Friday morning for a cookie exchange.

Lisi keeps telling me she'd like to post something today, so I better call this a done deal.


  1. Oh my! What a Monday laugh! Yo Mama! :D

  2. I was going to just read and not comment... but then you mentioned the piano- 3 cheers for pianos!
    And then the kids' humor and the last pix...
    ps- you could put M&M's in order by color- all the greens together, etc... maybe that's what 'yo mama' does...

  3. who's kid would do that anyway!

  4. going to have to find some of those there markers...looks fun!