Friday, December 24, 2010


Some of you I've known all my life.   Some of  you I've known just awhile.  Some of you I've never met.  Some of you I see often.  Some of you are so very far away.  Some of you live and give for others and that is your life.  Some of you tend the needs of your own family.  And some of you are alone.

But because you read the mundane, the silly, the serious, and the stories the dog has penned, I consider you all friends.  And with that I want to wish you a good holiday season.

Tomorrow, our home will be filled with people, the smells of simmering spaghetti sauce, good conversation, and a few laughs.  We have much to be thankful for.  For family.  For friends.  And for you.


  1. Allow me, one of your un-met and far away friends, be the first to say...what a sweet holiday note! Enjoy your day, laugh till your sides hurt, win at least one of the games and eat till you can't face one more morsel, then tell us all about it in the next enjoyable and entertaining post. Oh, and if your folks are with you, please tell them hi from me & Pete.

  2. Hello, and Happy Holidays, from another one of your yet-to-meet friends!

  3. Ditto from the NE yet to meet friend!!

  4. You made me smile! All the best to you all in 2011!