Friday, December 10, 2010

Festive Friday

Well actually it isn't.  Festive that is.  But it's the holiday season, right?  Was thinking of adjectives with the letter 'f'.  But somehow fantastic seemed over-the-top.

So yesterday I boarded a bus with approximately 45-5th graders, two 30-something teachers, and about 12 parents (all mom's but one) and headed to the city's museum.  It was a very pleasant day.  You see son #1 asked in the sweetest way if I'd come.  Hey, he's 10 1/2.  Soon he won't be asking me to be with him like that.  I went and am glad I did.  I was assigned to four of them - one being aforementioned son.  The two girls in the group were basically sugar-coated cotton candy in sweetness.  Very nice girls.  Smart.  Respectful.  Thankful.  Son #1 was told beforehand that if he started to act a bit out of line that I'd give him a 'look' and that meant to knock it off so I wouldn't have to embarrass him.  But you know what, I never 'looked' at him that way.  But boys-oh-howdy, Nick got the look.  You see Nick was the other boy in the group.  A redhead.  An identical twin I might add.  But after a day with him, he and his identical aren't so much in my book.  At a glance they are, but once you get to know them, the identical stuff disappears.  Anyway, Nick was as good as Nick could be.  At one point I was teasing him about patience and two quotes popped out of his mouth.  The first:  'you get patience when you are like 12 or something' (I might mention that he's 11 and needs to work on that quickly before his next birthday).  The other:  'I'd like to learn how to be patient, but it takes too long'.  Classic.

I find the lunches that the mom's packed for children fascinating.  Most were the usual ham/cheese or PB&J.  One girl ate a couple slices of sausage, THREE of those thick soft sugar cookies with thick green frosting, and a fruit roll-up!  Another munched some pretzels and stopped soon after as she was getting 'full'.  Yes, interesting.

And then it snowed!  Well only about 3" or so.  I hardly want to admit this:  I am enjoying winter this year.  Maybe it is because I have my go-to super warm room by the wood stove (wave to LIW!  Yes, I'm rubbing it in).  But as much as I love a sunny, warm night in June, there's something to be said about it getting dark at 4:15 and the snow falling and the waffles sizzling at suppertime.  Yes, cozy.

Very randomly, I pulled a book off the library shelf titled "Smile" and showed it to Rayna.  It was a newer book and the author's first name was "Raina".  It is a graphic-art (think comic book) book about a girl losing her two front teeth and then follows her story from about 5th grade until she graduates from high school.  It's actually a very good read and I recommend it.  But why am I telling you all this?  Well Rayna came running to me and showed me the names of the family:  the main girl was Raina, the little sister was Amara, and the mom's name was Sue.  It was wildly coincidental.  And really neat too.

So Lisi has an itch.  Fascinating isn't it?  Well dogs aren't so bright.  If it itches, they scratch and lick.  And the more they scratch and lick, the more it itches.  And soon the hair starts to come out where they scratch and lick and then it gets red and sore looking and oh my.  So I rubbed anti-itch cream all over it and put on her lamp-shade collar and walked off to do something.  About 10 minutes later I go back to where she was and she's standing there like a cow.  Didn't move.  Paralyzed about the collar on her head.  Acted like she couldn't move or sit or lie down.  So she stood there looking at me with the saddest eyes.  So I physically pushed her to a down position and there she laid.  Not moving a twitch.  But the lesson was learned.  And now she's leaving her terrific itch alone.  For now.  Until it itches again.

Well that about sums it up.  You know when you're talking about your dog's itches that it is time to go.  Hope your retinas aren't bleeding yet....


  1. no, not bleeding, but I did have to chuckle at your comment...especially when I saw there was no other comments. Maybe you scared everyone off? haha. Please don't tell anyone that I'm kinda, just a little bit ready for some snow?
    It's cold, cold, cold, but it just looks blah out there, and I was thinking today that if we had some snow how pretty and sparkley it would be today with our blue, blue sky and crisp cold air. Like I said....Don't tell, cuz I really claim not to like winter anyway!

  2. Poor Lisi- she must have thought she was really being punished- I laughed at her, poor pooch!
    Re the book 'Smile'- that is quite amazing. The names Raina/Rayna and Amara aren't exactly common... and not everyone has an Aunt Sue. Pretty neat all right.