Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Musings

I'm back and I know you'll be able to tell it's not the Chairman because I use simple words.  My goodness.  I'm not sure what got into him.  He's a walking thesaurus.  I think he wanted to get that in writing as he was asking me the other day if people understand why he's called the Chairman.  I said I thought so.  But he wasn't so sure. You see he's not much into himself.  I know because I live with him.  And so he had concerns that people would think he's a Chairman of something and trying to brag about it.  Well he's the Chairman here and that's all that matters.

Computer problems.  They stink.  And make me crabby.  Our main computer needs to have about six mouse clicks to get it to where it should go.  It won't download an attachment.  And some other stuff.  So I haul the CPU in to meet up with some Geeks (no derogatory word - that's what they're called).  And the kind lady runs it through a battery of tests and says all is well.  No charge.  Thankyouverymuch.  And I bring it home.  Plug it all in and voila!  It still doesn't work right.  Computer problems.  They stink.

Remember this post?  Well it's that time of year again.  Time to get wood.  I'm a bit smarter this year than last.  I am ordering it to be delivered on the day the kids are out of school.  Free child labor!  And it's "only" a cord of wood.

We're gearing up for holiday festivities here!  Festa Italiana!  Spaghetti with all the trimmings.  Eggplant.  Shells.  Wish some others would be able to join us too!  The count will be about 35.  And the food will be just wonderful.

I was recently promoted!  Or not.  I had to make booklets for all the teachers this morning.  It used one extra brain cell than the laminating takes.  And I managed.  Next thing they'll want is me to be the superintendent!  Without pay of course...

We went to a super-great play on Saturday.  It's put on by the same crazy guys that are in Door County each summer we're up there.  We had second row seats.  Fun to hear the kids giggling.  Lots of funny one-liners.  Like one that said, 'I'll pound your head down so far that you'll have to unzip to blow your nose'.  And that wasn't the best one.

My mean older brother is visiting a favorite uncle way down south.  They're in the same area we were at 14 years ago.  I wish I were there too.  The people there that we call our friends couldn't be nicer.

Yesterday I had a thought about valuing things.  You see I was single until 27 when I met the Chairman.  At times I thought I might always be alone.  And then he came into my life and it has been rich and full and interesting and nice and lots of other nice adjectives.  And a couple moments of not-so-nice adjectives too.  But that's life.  I value where I am.  If I hadn't had that experience of loneliness in my 20's, would I really value what I have?  Same with kids.  If we hadn't struggled and lost little ones, would I really value the three we've been given?  I'm not so sure.  And so when we have lean times.  Sad times.  Lonely times.  Maybe it is all for our greater good.  We'll value it more than we would otherwise.  So each experience is good in its own way.  And almost always for a purpose.

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