Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

my first night home
cute little bugger wasn't I?
I still like naps
I tried glasses, but they didn't make me smarter
my good side
nothing else to say except... dog tired

here's my best friend Mavrick

the big lady taking yet another picture while I try to sleep
Yes it's my birthday!  Can you believe it?  I'm three years old today.  And what a ride it's been for me and for those people I live with.  I don't remember life before the big lady that yells or the big guy that's always there or those little people.  In my doggy-brain, I've always been here and that's ok.  I've grown by leaps and bounds.  I've been very very naughty.  I've been very good too you know.  Even passed my therapy dog tests.  But the big lady never takes me anywhere to cheer people up except to the woods to chase deer and turkeys (which is just the best anyway), rides in the car to do errands.  Camping.  And if I'm really lucky, go see my cousin-dog who is enormous and nice.

I hope I have a lot of good years ahead of me.  Right now I'm in my prime.  I don't have sore bones.  I behave myself right properly (the big people here might not always agree), and I know my place.

The thing about this birthday though is that I'm alone today.  Well most the day.  The big lady arranged for some really nice people to come over and take me to their house to play with their dog.  But I can't complain. The big lady that yells is with me most all the time.  She's a softy.  Despite all her rumblings about how tough she is on me, it isn't really true.  We cuddle.  And snuggle.  And wrestle.  And play hide-and-seek.  And... life is good.  Thanks for being such loyal readers to my stories.  I hope I can cause a great deal of mischief so that another one can happen soon!


  1. I love your dog I think as much as I love my own! Goldens are the best!!

  2. Aww Lisi- you're our favorite dog in Blogland! You were cute... and now you're beautiful!

  3. Of COURSE, you're the best dog in Blogland, Lisa! And Linda, that mean older brother is just as big of a dog softie as you are. Today, I was taking Mocha to the park at the same time he happened to be leaving for an Appt. So as we drove down the 4 lane street together he rushed up beside me to talk to the dog hanging out the van window...for as long as traffic would allow! Big sap!

  4. Happy Birthday, Lisi..hope you got an extra good long walk today!!