Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Musings

The fire burns.  The bread rises.  The dog wants a walk.  And the shirts need ironing.  Mundane Monday.  I like it in a weird sort of way.  But as I was picking up yet another pile of "Archies" and putting them on the shelf I wondered how much time I really spend doing that.  Would it be 15 minutes out of my year just picking up "Archies"?  Life is a lot of repeating.  Ironing the same shirts.  Folding the same clothes.  Feeding the same people with the same familiar comfort foods.  Sameness.  In a good sort of way.

Do you use cookbooks?  I think I've touched on it before, but I really don't.  I do pull down my worn Betty (not my mom!) one once in awhile for something.  But usually I google. is still my favorite.  I need a simple cake recipe.  Voila!  Here are 2,387 to look over.  Who rated what the best?  Well there it is!  And so.  No more cookbooks.  I have two boxes in the basement brimming with cookbooks I have acquired or received as gifts.  What to do.  Keep?  Give to a needy person that looks like they could use some help with their cooking?  Give to Goodwill?  I dunno.

And.  Do you ever want me to post a recipe that was a home-run-I-can't-believe-you-haven't-made-this-before kind of thing?  I don't want to become a cooking blog.  Or a dog blog.  Or I'm not sure what kind of blog this is.  A blah one.  Like today for instance.  I should have called this Mundane Monday.

Yesterday was brimming with good things.  Good fellowship.  Good people.  Good singing.  Good food.  And a very good time.  Ah yes.  It was good.  I love this area.

We got the snow we wanted!  Well not enough.  But 4" was enough to start the base of the fort.  And a few good snowball fights.  And some dragging your sibling around the yard with a sled fun.  And a crack in the forehead with a snowboard "fun".  But more would be nice!  (Don't pelt me with a snowball for saying that!).

Finally.  I'm a lurker.  I like google reader so I can stalk check in on people.  I have a lot of feeds.  Maybe too many.  But lots of people are sensible enough to not post anything if they have nothing to say (I haven't realized that truth yet).  So I don't waste tooo much time at it.  But I hardly comment on blogs.  Maybe you want to know I'm stalking looking in on your happy lives.  Should I comment more?  Should I ask those of you wasting precious moments looking at this one to comment?  I dunno.

But I do know the dog is "tapping" at the window.  She's ready to go.  And since it was her birthday yesterday and we did absolutely nothing about it but leave her for nearly 12 hours... I should go.  Not to mention the potluck after the sing was just. plain.  yummy!  And full of calories...


  1. I love cookbooks- love to sit and look at and read them! I even sometimes use them...
    And I wouldn't mind seeing a food post every now and then... ;)

  2. I always like food posts--but then I just enjoy posts--even "mundane" ones :D
    I like cookbooks too--I have my favorite ones, once in a while I pick up a new one I can't resist. I have 1 shelf full of them, I try to keep it down to that. Weed out old, unused stuff once in a while. I do plenty of google too--and I have a couple sites that e-mail receipes. Some I print. My best favorites tho--I "just make them"!

  3. I am almost solely a computer recipe person now. In fact I told my husband if he sees me eying a cookbook, to remind me that I will not use it. What I love about All Recipes is that you can read all the reviews.

    I agree...something about "sameness".

  4. I'd enjoy some of your food posts. You mentioned a Grandmother's cornbread recipe that your family loved....BINGO....I went to and tried it and now it's one of our favorites. In fact, we're having it tonight with our big pot of pinto beans and ham.

  5. Yes, please post recipes. And you can knock off all comments about the wood stove, already. I want one SO BAD!!! I'd better get moving! Forgot I needed to make bread today. (thank you for the reminder) Still like your bosch? Mine is over 25 years old . . . hmmm, my birthday is coming up, surely I deserve a new one??!!??

  6. Yes I'd ove a cooking post-- actually when I have a moment I was going to send you a message to pick your brain about your fun mixer :) So I vote give us a detailed post about your favorite bread recipe using your bosch. If it isn't to much trouble :p

  7. I really enjoy your blog (never mundane!), that I stumbled across, and kept going back to, and became a follower of. I recently told my husband that there are bloggers that you are just SURE you would be good friends with if you had the opportunity. That is how I feel when I read your blog, that I would love to chat with you in person! I don't have a blog (my husband has not been convinced yet), but there are a handful that I am drawn to. I am pretty sure we enjoy the same fellowship, just in different states. Do post some recipes sometime!

  8. Shouldn't admit it, but I am obsessed with recipes whether books, or computer, but a lot of my cooking except for needing exact measurements, is done by "notion", so lots of things aren't repeated exactly the same. Like your blog, tho not much of a commenter. Like the "mutual" family connections too :-)

  9. I like online recipes. But I still love cookbooks. The old ones, with the greasy pages. The ones Grandma A. had.. some kind of 'diary' that fed life. I've found a few family undocumented favorites that originated in her books. Keep one or two. The kids need them. maybe that's too yesteryear. Off to my own mundaneness.

  10. Would love for you to share a recipe or 2 or 3 with your "followers"! I, too have too many cookbooks. One would think I did a lot of cooking or something. One would be wrong! My mom, on the other hand has about 1/2 as many cookbooks as I do, but she loves to just page through them. She can spend a whole afternoon doing that! We'll be looking forward to your recipes!

  11. Hmmm I wonder if we could somehow get a tap into the famous Italian cooking that we all crave. I've never had spaghetti quite like the kind all of your relatives make. I'm sure the recipe is top secret....
    I got tired of liking a few recipes from each one of my cookbooks, so I made my own! I typed up all of my favorite tried-and-true recipes and put them in a binder. I also emailed it to myself, so I can access my recipes wherever I am as long as I have internet access! It has been very handy! :)
    I love reading your blog, it is always very entertaining!