Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Musings

John relaxing and Laura car shopping

So glad this guy could come visit!

Dad telling a story on his 80th

Family time

the cook working hard

the table filled with goodness

Happy 80th to my dad!

Family minus the mean older brother who I miss...

They love her... like a lot

I wouldn't believe it either

this young couple is sure nice
the grandkids present that day...

We had a week of people and privilege and potatoes.  It was delightful in every way.  One sad thing is the actual Thanksgiving Day, I pulled out my camera to take shots of the people present and their was no memory card in there.  Big disappointment.  But the day wasn't.  I'm thankful for two families.  Mine by birth. And mine through marriage.

We got company from Kentucky and Illinois.  It was just great having them here.  But it is just as nice to say goodbye knowing they are where they are supposed to be and want to be.  And better still, content there as well.

We ate turkey again on Saturday with my dad and sister and family.  My dad blew out candles for his 80th.  He was happy.  And we were too.

I spent some time this morning finally labeling all of Lisi's stories.  I've got them under her picture.  I do realize she's more popular and interesting than this big lady...

It's amazing how quickly the laundry pile grows, the dust bunnies emerge, and the food levels fall when you aren't doing what you normally do during a normal week.  I have some catch-up to do today.

So the musings will have to wait....


  1. hmmm- could that boy with your niece have been about 6 or 7 13 years ago? Would he have been likely to have had mud fights (gleefully) down in the Salvisa area about then? I think I might have hosed him off with the garden hose once if that's the case! Of course- I could be way off base...

  2. Yes, that would have been him from the BlueGrass.

  3. If I ever get through with these goofy verbs, I have a blog post in my head about the hose incident! I'm having a hard time believing that little monkey is all grown up!! ;)