Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Musings

You'll probably think I have ADHD or something after this post.  I hardly want to call it "musings" since I haven't "mused" about any of it too long.  In fact, most of it isn't even in my head.  The fingers will determine the words you read.  Riveting, eh?  Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Saw a video recently of a bride slapping wedding cake all over her new groom.  It was supposed to be funny.  I think it symbolic of something sad really.  A lack of respect.  For the day.  For the groom (or the bride if he does it to her).  And maybe you slapped buttercream frosting all over your spouse the day you said "I Do".  Well I didn't.  Still don't like it.  Blech.

Our kids discovered Nutella!  Actually, I finally bought some.  And they love it.  Wish it wasn't so pricey though.  Am in another slump.  What to make every evening to feed the masses here.

And so our balmy November changed.  The Chairman said yesterday in the car, 'this day has November written all over it'.  Gray.  Spitting rain at times.  Bone cold.  At least for me.  The wood stove kept it cozy in here.  Did I say I love it?  Wood heat is way-warmer than forced air.  Trust me.  I know.  I even took my wool socks off!  Last night I was thinking it was about time to start yelling at the kids to get to bed.  Felt like 9:28 or something.  I looked at the clock... 7:13.   Dark I say!  But in about five weeks the days start getting longer!  We can do it!

The weekend was special.  Most of you know we gathered to honor a dear man that died.  I had the privilege of helping out with the luncheon.  And the abundance of food, assistance, and care made me step back in awe.  It was almost like a glimpse of convention.  Deeply thankful I am.  For making my 'job' easy that day.  But for the Spirit that people shared to make the day not so sad.

So yesterday we all sat down for our main meal.  Dear son #1 is sitting on the aforementioned super-special I love this with all my heart exercise ball.  Actually, I previously had declared that they were to stay out of the kitchen!  Don't sit on it while you eat!  I've even been known to give it a hard kick towards the basement stairs and watching with a little thrill as it bounced its way to the regions below.  Anyhoo, mid-bounce a knife smeared with butter gets loose.  Bounces on the table.  Then down onto the Chairman's black dress pants leaving a nice little trail behind.  (If you know the Chairman, you would know this would be highly irritating to him.)  He hops up and gives a yell.  Son #1 is looking sad.  The Chairman goes to change.  I start in on a diatribe about sitting on a ball during dinner. And while the Chairman is getting clean trousers the knife slips again and smears butter on and under the chair, the table, and the floor.  Ugh.  Just another day in paradise!

We have a hymn we sing around the piano at times.  The title and the first line of the chorus is, 'Lord I want to be a miracle'.  Well Mira seems to think it was written just for her.  And so last night she was belting out, 'Lord I want to be a Miiiiira'.  Oh help.

The van is full of groceries that need to be unloaded... better call this a post.


  1. Haha. that last paragraph made me laugh. I missed being at the funeral. Thank you for all your help with that. Seen and unseen.

  2. Miiira made me laugh, too! ;)
    Nutella- Lots of it here. I can take it or leave it... but I know a lot of people really love it! Didn't know you could buy it there now.
    I was just encouraging myself this weekend with the 'only a few more weeks of this days are getting shorter' business! Dec 22 is one of my favorite days of the year! ;)

  3. A sound Amen about the slapping cake all over each others face...when I see it I am just embarrassed for the participants since they don't seem to have the sense to be embarrassed for themselves!

  4. Excuse me while I chuckle....
    I'm so sorry--It always gives me secret pleasure to find out that other families are "normal"....

  5. i want one of those i hope my hubby doesn't see this or i may never get one!