Monday, November 29, 2010

Lisi on the Loose

Yep.  That's me!  A free dog finally.  Away from the demands of the big lady that yells but loves me anyway.  Away from all those small people here that kick balls that disturb my rest.

A day like yesterday is very predictable at our house.  The family all leaves in the morning and they are gone for a couple hours.  If the big lady takes me for a walk early that morning, that means they are gone for good (or until suppertime).  If she doesn't, then I'll get a walk with the big guy after they eat.  It's a narrow window of opportunity as they usually leave again in the afternoon for awhile.  I don't like those days, but the people I live with sure do.

So off we went for the woods - the big guy and I.  He's so great.  He doesn't talk and carry on when we're walking like the big lady does.  It's more mature and reserved.  We got into the woods where the smells are rampant.  Deer.  Turkey.  Squirrels.  I love it there.  We were walking quite awhile and then he disappeared.  The big guy.  Well actually it wasn't his fault.  He was doing what he normally does.  But there were some things I needed to sniff.  Like a long time.  And by the time the big guy got out of the woods, I was no where to be found.  I didn't mind.  I did my business.  Minded my own business.  And then I suddenly felt lonely for my family.  Where'd he go?  Oh no!

I started to run.  Through the woods.  Through the field.  I couldn't find him.  So I did what any smart pooch would do.  I ran to the biggest, fanciest house on the street.  I figured they'd be able to afford dog food if I had to live with them forevermore.  I started to play with their dog.  The lady there that doesn't yell called her dog to come in.  And then she yelled!  I tromped into their house too and she wasn't too happy.  But hey!  I need to live somewhere you know.  The lady was talking to the man.  The kids were all excited.  And so was I!  This place was nice!  And I was even on carpet.  I bet they aren't as mean as my family who keeps me on wood floors all the time.

But then she grabbed my collar.  I heard her say, there's a number here.  Get the phone!  And then I heard her talking to the big lady that yells.  She hung up the phone and just like that there was the big guy!  I was so happy to see him.  I lied.  I didn't want to live in the big house.  I wanted my people back.   The big lady that yells.  The many small people.  And the steady big guy.  So I jumped in the truck and came home and took a very long nap while my people went away for part two of their day.

(ed. note:  Lisi lost her id tags in the woods a few weeks back and so I just recently had a friend monogram her name/number on the collar.  Lucky we got it done when we did or she'd have been sitting in a pound somewhere)  


  1. What a relief that you got a nice long nap after your ordeal, Lisi. ;) (Good thing you have a collar!!)

  2. You know Lisi, it isn't the size of the house or the fancy stuff in it....its the people who know your quirks, where to scratch and the treat you like best, and when we do something not so smart, then welcome us back with open arms, we know we are home again. Thankful your lady thought to fix your collar....cuz she realllly loves you. "Alls well, ends well...."