Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday's Musings...

Important details about the laminator...
My mean older brother still thinks that those that laminate must have the intellect of someone that has a special challenge and is granted the job only because the business, school, or enterprise feels sorry for that schmuck and lets them play along with the plasticky stuff.  Well!  Today I spent a good-long while hunched leaning over the laminator.  And I started to notice all the very pertinent instructions.  It looks serious.  And is it ever not challenging.  On a side note:  laminate is in the spell check.  But not laminator. It is highlighted as a misspelled word.

So today is election day.  If you know the Chairman.... well never mind.  We won't get political on here.  But one thing I find very intriguing is the radio ads.  Yesterday while doing some errands I had a station on and was bombarded with one ad after another.  How many people actually change their minds on who they are voting for the day before election because of an ad with some sweeping music in the background?  Not me.

Another case of dirty clothes here that snuck by without notice.  As one of our unnamed children left frantically for the bus yesterday, the Chairman asks, 'didn't you wear that yesterday?'.  Yes, but I didn't get it dirty!  Did you wear it to bed too?  Of course!  So my clean laundry pile won't be so high this week I reckon.

I'm on a rampage.  Once again trying to declutter.  I went through a few boxes in the 'dirty room' in the basement.  Three bags going to Goodwill.  Six to the safe arms of the sanitary service, and a few things put into places of usefulness.  I still have a bunch of boxes left from our move in '08.  For me to get rid of stuff in here that isn't used is as good as losing a few pounds on the scale!  Really!  And btw, I'm not losing pounds on the scale.  I worked in the kitchen and found waaaay back in one drawer the bestest paring knife that I had misplaced!  Talk about a thrill!  Yes, my life can really be dull (pun intended).

We're an over-privileged people.  We get to be with others here and there.  And it always involves some delightful meal, snack, or what-not.  And so we eat.  And enjoy.  And not lose a pound.

This weekend, we are going to have some special people here.  Details and photos to come.  I promise.


  1. I didn't get to run the laminator but I cut around miles of laminated things, I enjoyed it too.

  2. What does your 'mean older brother' think about people whose job is running a copy machine? I did that during college- I can tell you so much you didn't want to hear about the fine details of photo copying... but- ha! Guess what? They matter when you want a good copy! ;)
    Come rampage through my stuff. Which I've just moved for the umpteenth time in not-very-many-months. I'm not complaining, mind you. I just wish there was less of it. ;)