Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Some far-away relatives just left.  To me they are young people.  We don't see them as often as we would like to.  The thing about this couple that impresses me so much is that they've gone through a lot.  Sadness.  Hardships.  Deep unfathomable loss twice.  And they have such a resigned spirit about it all.  Even a thankfulness.  Inspiring?  It was all that and more.

And we're gearing up for a wedding!  Actually, not gearing up at all.  But probably need to make sure some 'fancy clothes' are ready for the family to wear tomorrow night.  Yes, a Tuesday night wedding!  How unique is that!  It'll be great fun.  And special.  And really neat that these people aren't moving away from us.

I'm sure you're all riveted and pacing and wondering what happened to my cell phone.  Right?  Well fine.  I'll tell you anyway.  I don't know what happened to it.  The window of opportunity to lose it was about one and a half hours and 2 stops.  Seems logical that I'd find it easy enough.  Or not.  Lying in bed the night after it all happened, I realized that I had my hands full of stuff while I was cleaning out the van tossing garbage into the garbage bin.  And... I think my phone was in the hand when I did the throwing.  And the garbage men faithfully came and took our rubbish away early the next morning.  So all the times I called my number I imagine the landfill pile was ringing.  Hope it scared away a buzzard if nothing else.  I've already got a replacement.  I'm glad for that.  But sure wish I hadn't lost (or tossed) my other one!  Ugh.  So much for the flawless record of not losing stuff.

Will you all be devastated?  I don't think you need to sit by the mailbox waiting for our holiday card.  Wanna know why?  We still look like last year's picture.  And last year's was pretty nice since a real photographer took it.  And we have this blog.  And Facebook.  And we see most of you quite often.  And it'll save me time and money (that I can spend on phone replacements!).  If you really want an update, stop on by and take a picture.  Ok?  Not saying I don't love to get yours though!

I think this is enough.  Maybe next Monday will have more musings.  Until then...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, hope you have a wonderful one!

  2. I really hate it 50 times more when the way something is lost is because of something like accidentally tossing it... that happened to me this summer- only I thought I was tossing the ruined item and keeping the good one. It was a month later (and much much too late) when I realized what I'd done... Grrrrrrrrrrrr