Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't forget me!

Hi everyone!  It's been a long time again.  I just wanted to share some pictures the big lady that yells but loves me anyway took this past week.  I hope you don't get the idea that I'm loved.  Or that I get a lot of attention.  Or that I'm (cough) spoiled.  I'm not.  I really suffer around here.  I don't get enough walks.  I eat bad kibble. And I rarely get treats.

I try my best to please this family I'm responsible for.  I walk without a leash now!  I sniff out smells and romp in the ditches all the while making sure the big nice guy or the big lady that yells are close to me.  I come home and rest in the yard until I get so lonely I can't stand it (usually a minute or so).  Then I go to the back window and just tap-tap lightly to have them let me inside to my bed.  The big lady got me this nice dog bed that is super-comfy.  I spend a lot of time there in the corner watching her.  And now I've started something kinda cool!  Have you ever heard a dog purr?  Don't confuse me with a stupid cat.  I'm not that low.  But I've started this purring thing.  I purr when the meals are over (you see if I did it while they were eating, the big guy would get mad).  They then think to look at me in my malnourished state.  I purr when those little people come over and give me hugs.  I purr when the big lady that yells rubs me just in that right spot above my eyes.  And so it's rewarded.  So I have resorted to purring.  A lot.

I overheard the big guy here tell the big lady that yells that I'm becoming more and more like someone called "Lincoln".  I heard his name mentioned a lot when I was really little.  It was always, 'why can't she be more like Lincoln'.  Or 'Lincoln never behaved that bad'.  Or 'We sure miss how calm Lincoln was'.  Well I don't know who "Lincoln" was, but he was a really, really good guy and now I'm starting to be compared with him! How good is that!

I do have one complaint though.  I don't get enough bones.  I'd like a new one every day.  But somehow the big lady doesn't get it.  I stand by the shelf in the garage.  I look at her with moon-pie eyes.  And she mutters something about having enough and goes inside and shuts the door.  And so I go back to the deck and tap-tap on the window.  And lie on my bed.  And wait for the next hug.

Sigh.  Life is ruff.
I suffer from lack of affection

So please feel sorry for me

Did you say you'd send me a bone?

Well I'll just wait for the package then...


  1. Lisi, so good to hear from you again and get your prospective on life...feeling neglected and all but hey you get to come in the house, the pooches here have what we call a dog no more complaining. Your coat is coming back beautiful. Just in time for the cold weather.

  2. Aw, Lisi- they'll soon be writing 'Good Dog, Lisi' books about you!! You can come see us just any old time! ;)