Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy 80th to Dad

They are called daddy, dad, father, papa, the old man, the parental units, and lots of 
other titles.  To me he has always been 'dad'.  And a very good one at that.
He's 80 years young.  The number is hard to take in as he's full of life.  He has a memory 
that puts me to shame.  An enthusiasm about the future.  The next adventure.  And the 
hope of seeing someone around the globe that he loves as much as the next one.  
He obviously loves his family.  But to him 'family' means about anyone.    

And so.... Happy Birthday to my dad.  Glad we can spend it 
with you today! 


  1. Happy Birthday! Your parents are some of the people I'd like to get to know better after reading bits and pieces about them here!

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad...sorry a few days wonderful you and your family have him...

  3. He loves to visit more than almost any man I know! And he's always genuinely interested in the person he's talking to, and in finding some common ground to discuss! He does an exceptional job of making the stranger feel right at home! And now he's my Dad too!

  4. Happy Birthday to a fabulous young guy! :) Your dad shares a Birthday with my Grandma, she turned 90 on the 27th!