Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tender Talk

Since he is heavy on my mind, I might mention this first.  Our area has a pillar that is losing strength.  But only in a physical sense.  This man is elderly and yet, one of the most childlike people I have ever met.  Since I've known him, he has always been a very tender man.  He loves children in a special way.  Just this past year at our convention I saw him get down on a level with a boy about five years of age just to talk to him.  He would ask children questions.  And then he would really listen to their answers.  His testimony both verbal and non-verbal was one of thankfulness.  He served for our country as a young man and loved to tell stories about that time in his life.  And he had a very open home.  For years and years.  Many times we were invited to their home for a Sunday dinner.  I think every time we sat down, it was a delicious roast beef, perfectly mashed potatoes, and creamed onions meal.  The food was what you'd call comfort food.  But the home was comfort.  The two people within have always been comfortable to be with.  I was treated as a special granddaughter even though we have not one drop of the same bloodline.  Yes, a pillar is losing strength.  We are sad.  And yet, we are thankful.  For pillars amongst us that have held strong.

So we are enjoying lovely fall weather in the upper midwest.  It is almost mid-November.  In just four months it'll be spring!!!  Sorta.  We'll take what we can get.  I still can't get my brain wrapped around the fact we changed time.  I look very zombie-like by 10.  And at 5 or even before, my eyes pop open.  I thought falling back and getting the extra hour would make us not so sleepy.  Not so for this little lady.

The Chairman is as busy as a beaver in dam-building season.  We're thankful for his steady job.  Wish it wasn't so crazy at times.  But he handles it with finesse.  And somehow still makes time for the family too.  He's neat like that.

This morning I stopped at that funky grocery store where you pay a quarter to use their cart.  Haul in your own reusable bags.  And fill your cart with goods that are somewhat cheaper than the typical grocery store.  I'm cheap frugal like that.  I tend to think I'm kinda with it.  Can get things done in a hurry.  But the check-out lady was NOT to be reckoned with.  She was speedy-quick.  All business.  And had me in and out of there unceremoniously within a minute or so.  My stuff was all dumped in the next cart and I had to bag my own stuff over on the little counter-thingy.  But wow.  She was fast.  And stern.

I have a lot of tuna on hand.  There was a deal and so I thought I would get six cans.  I need to start using them.  I thought of the classic-Minnesota-tuna hotdish.  Mira was home alone with me for a time yesterday so I said, 'hey!  Would you like to make tuna casserole with me?'.  What?  TUNA?  Then she wrinkled up her pretty little lips to a sneer.  Kinda looked like Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) looked when he was talking about something really gross.  Then she said, 'why would I ever want to make something with tuna?  YUCK!'.  And so we didn't make tuna casserole.

My mom gave me really good, practical advice once that I remember every once in awhile.  Like when I have a canker sore.  Once when I was a teen at home I asked her, 'how long does a canker sore last?'.  Her response was, 'they last until you think they are never going to go away... and then they do'.  And so.  I think mine is going to go away soon.  Hopefully, real soon.

I think this is enough.... for now.


  1. I wonder if the man to whom you refer is the same one I heard about today? JB?
    Tuna- I always thought you had to be over 20 to really appreciate it! Mira agrees, it seems? ;)

  2. Well said. Our thoughts are with the B's too.

  3. Sympathy for you about your friend.
    Sounds like you need our Tuna Chowder recipe, me-- and my kids grew up on it, and it's a favorite in our family!

  4. I will add a vote for tuna chowder, as far as I know everybody loves it. And I've served it to a lot of people. And....it happens to be one of the very few things EVERYBODY in this house loves, (even though a few pick out the carrots.)