Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday snippets

Dad, Aunt Julie, and Marion
I'm early!  No Monday musings from me this week!  You see the many young people here are all presently occupied at the very moment.  Tomorrow is a no-school day and I have a terrifically hard time writing a blog post with people around.  Really!  I can relate to actual real-writers that must go up in a cupola or off to a cabin to pen their books.  I would have to also.  I'm just a schlup of a mom that writes on this blog because... well... I like to.  I may have lost some of you.  So back to the business at hand.

Above is a picture of three people I admire.  Respect.  Love.  They have, or will turn 80 the month of November.  One happens to be my own father.  He possesses all the qualities a good dad should have.  If he has met you, he really likes you.  And I do mean that.  He reaches out to those in need.  And so it goes.  I've waxed on about him before, so will stop at that.  The middle lady is my mother-in-law's sister.  Or better put, my Aunt.  She is a gem.  Didn't have a very easy life at the get-go.  Raised four children that are all unique and great in their own right.  Has children and grandchildren that I would call friends of mine.  Was a loyal wife to a husband that had character with a capital 'C'.  And we miss him.  But beyond all that natural stuff, she cares for her soul and for others' be it in this country or in other lands.  We've witnessed it and feel deep admiration for her care on so many levels.  The lovely lady on the right is someone we meet with each week.  She is a walking proverb of knowledge that makes you think deeper.  She readily gives advice.  Is a tough German and a business woman since she lost her husband 8 years ago.  She misses him.  They were the Laurel and Hardy team of our city but it wasn't all fun and laughs.  They cared about the stranger.  And because of that, some people found peace.  I could go on.  But I'll leave it at that or she would be really mad at me for saying nice things.  

Last Friday was our 16th anniversary.  And we spent it by inviting those closest to these three wonderful people to come to our home (with a dish to pass!) and we ate, blew out candles, and enjoyed the company of loved ones.  It was a surprise to 2/3 of them.  And it was special.  Maybe even a favorite anniversary day for us.  Because our home was filled with those we admire and respect and love.  


  1. it sounds like it was a great evening. Not a day goes by when I don't think about grandpa. I wish I would have taken advantage of every moment. I wish I would have hugged him harder and longer the last time I was with him in the hospital. all the would if's and should have's.....

  2. Really nice post. I know each of those 3 a little bit but none of them very well. Yours is a nice tribute.

  3. I wish we could've been there, but I'm so glad you made their 80th birthdays memorable for them! Very sweet of you!