Saturday, July 11, 2015

Monday Musings on a Saturday

What?  Why on a Saturday?  No one will be reading blogs on a Saturday.  Well to be perfectly honest, I'm making hay while the sun shines blogging while I have some time.  You see Monday will be crazy-busy with lists and me hollering encouraging the MYP to get out of bed sooner than 11 to help get us ready for exciting adventures this week that takes lots of preparing for.  I ended with a for.   Oops I did it again! I don't think my past English teacher would think that's proper grammar.

We celebrated two birthdays back-to-back this week for our daughters.  They had a birthday party that consisted of a few of their special friends and their dad.  No, he doesn't love teenage girl birthday parties usually.  It's just that someone needs to drive the boat that hauls the tubes.  And the best part of the sleepover?  Teenage girls riding tubes and swimming makes them very tired.  Heh.

I must admit that I'm very relieved the next birthday isn't for another ten months (and it happens to be mine!).  Having four birthdays in four weeks is always quite exhausting for the one responsible for the shopping, baking, planning, and so forth.  I'm not complaining though.  We didn't plan the timing of their birthdays.  And we always reflect how each of our MYP came to be part of our family.  Each has a unique story and each is equally loved and valued.

Lisi has been harboring a nasty yeast infection in her ears.  If you have ever had a dog with a nasty yeast infection in his/her ears, you will know that is is very very malodorous.  Very.  She didn't ever seem to mind.  I'm kinda-sorta in the anti-antibiotic camp and wanted to cure her on my own.  So I "Googled" and found some ideas.  I kept giving her baths around her ears/head.   I squirted in white vinegar and she smelled like a very rancid pickle.  I then got some OTC medicine for yeast infection that isn't to be used in the ears.  I did it repeatedly for three days.  And you know what?  Hooray!  She just smells like a stinky and sometimes wet dog again!  Who knew that would be a good thing!  On a side note the cat has raging ear mites and we are treating him too.  Ahhhh the joys of pets.

The Chairman left for a bike ride today on his road bike.  He had been gone a bit longer than normal and so I just said out loud to one of the MYP that I was a bit worried.  It is scary to have him out on the roads with narrow shoulders and distracted drivers.  Then I kept chattering along while I was making granola saying how much our life would be different if we lost him.  I would lose my best friend.  My one true love.  The father of my children.  We wouldn't be able to do so many joyous things we do because he wouldn't be with us.  I was just talking aimlessly and started really thinking about how much I should love and value him and then I turned around.  There were tears streaming down her face.  Oh no!  Why are you crying?  "Mom, you're making me sad.".  I said, he's most likely fine and within minutes, he was walking in the back door happy for a longer than usual ride.  Whew!  And maybe I shouldn't talk so much.

Blogging.  I try to keep it real.  I do.  Someone was talking to me about someone we both know and I said, 'they seem to be very nice from what I read on her blog'.  The person I was speaking with said, (gasp!), "You can't believe what you read on a blog.".  I was about to sputter and spurt and say that mine is 147% truthful.  And most days it is.  However, some days there is typical family stuff with sibling rivalry, spousal disagreement on an issue, or what-not.  So maybe I'm only 127% truthful.  Hopefully, you can believe what you read here at the Chairman and Co.!

So I'll post some pictures for you and say my responsibilities for blogging this next week are over.  I hope you are enjoying your summertime days.  We certainly are.  And come September 2, I'm due for a very long nap.
I asked one of the MYP to pose by this.  She said I was being mean...

off for some birthday fun!

Sweet 16 and 13

Some girls I like and a brother
Eight years later they tried to recreate the bottom photo

The Chairman as Captain


  1. It's hard to believe you have teenagers already!

  2. It's hard to believe you have teenagers already!

  3. Not only teenagers but a 16 year old! I've been following this blog long enough that it seems they were all still little just yesterday.