Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Musings

Not feeling so lonely once again.  In fact, it is sometimes hard to go to bed at night when there are two or three teenagers talking, scrapping, or goofing off on your bed when you want to power down.  Summertime is nice for that reason.

So welcome to post #1164!  I can hardly take in that I've typed that much in eight years.  We've had 190,155 views as of today on the Chairman and Co.  And one of my favorite stats is that there have been 1,719 unique locations where people have been located.  Not sure how accurate that is since it logs me in at a suburb 30 minutes from where I'm at.

I was pleasantly amused when I overheard son #1 talking of his venture away for a few days.  He said, "after a week of not eating my mom's food, I feel kinda sick".  I don't think it is the culinary experience he was speaking of.  I think that's called "comfort food".

I took daughter #1 and 2 shopping last week for awhile.  We hit some consignment stores, Goodwill, and one of the local malls.  I really, really don't like shopping.  They headed off for a wee bit without me and I wandered aimlessly in the mall wishing someone would grab my elbow and show me just what I would like.  I wish I weren't so weird.

Speaking of which, I took one of those silly quizzes and it said that I was 50% weird.  Seems legit.

I went out on the deep blue sea for the first time ever!  Well actually not the first time ever, but the first time I was sitting in a kayak.  Son #1 kindly offered up the use of his kayak and the Chairman and the MYP all rented paddleboards on a wonderful summer Saturday.  I'll admit I was kinda scared and out of my comfort zone for the first five minutes, then it got to be very fun!  I didn't take many pictures since I was sitting with my hinder just a few inches above the water line and I didn't want to drop my device to the bottom of the lake.

Then we celebrated a friends 50th birthday!  It's always more fun to roast someone else when you know the party is already over for you!  He took it all in great stride.  Even the great big pair of underpants.
I'm not happy with Fitz (my fitbit)  You see he went to sleep (mode) yesterday unbeknownst to me.  So half-way through my walk with the MYP last night I realized Fitz was sleeping and not recording all my hard-earned steps.  I tapped him a bit harder than I needed to when I woke him up.  Fitz gave me fits.

Yesterday, we had a few hours to kill between meetings so we went down to the lakefront to watch the airshow that was going on.  It was quite entertaining (I'm talking of people watching) and the planes were interesting too.  I asked one of the MYP sitting next to me, "I wonder how many people are here and hoping to see a plane crash?".  She chastised me for my negative thinking.  I'm still thinking there were a few there of the hundreds of thousands that may have thought that.  See that streak?  That was the Thunderbirds.
I love that daughter #1 sends me 'funnys' in text messages at random times.  Here were the last ones that made me smile.

And finally, I enjoyed this one.  I'm so glad there were those that took an interest in me during my formative years.  Happy Monday!


  1. My soon to be no longer a teenager still comes in to sit on my bed and talk and talk when all I want to do is check out. And I'm really glad she does. It is good for both of us. And I really need someone to lead me around the store and tell me what to wear. And, I seem to be from Minnesota these days.

  2. I'm weird about shopping as well - same as you.