Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Musings

Well hello there!  It's still quiet here but I'll soon be blowing 'reveille'.  It's sometimes fun to be the bad guy.

Saw this in the Costco flyer.  I can't believe they didn't call me up for an interview.  Maybe it's because I don't make a living doing this.  Or maybe I don't look successful like this guy.  Heh.

I caused a terrific groan when I said brightly in the car yesterday, 'just think in less than a month you will be in school again!'.  Someone said quietly from the back seat, 'that's not a way to put us in a good mood'.

Daughter #1 is still texting me funny pictures.  This one came in right before bed the other night.
The Chairman took the 'day of rest' quite literally yesterday.
So did Lisi.  Sugar-pie sweetness.

We had some very strange weather last night.  We were basically between two humongous storms.   The sky turned green and gray and rosy-pink and back to gray again in just minutes.

Last week we had the honor of throwing a send-off to this lady.  It's the one on the left, not the right.  That's me and I don't think I'm going anywhere.
I want to say some schmaltzy things about her but she doesn't like the attention to go her way too much.  But guess what?  She's moving this week and so she can't throw a shoe at me real soon!  So here goes:

This lady was a helper in our area the year daughter #2 was born.  I vividly remember the wonderful feeling (and help!) when those two ladies would come and stay with us.  They'd rock babies and push them on the swings and help with the meals and so forth.  With three kids three and under, I felt sometimes overwhelmed (can you believe that?).  But not with them around.  

Then she needed to stay in our area and her home base was just a mile plus over the hill.  We were politely friendly but not in a deep-friendship, caring way.  Time went on.  I asked if she wanted to pet sit our golden furry friends and she said yes.  She came and was a help with that many times.  She helped me with yard work.  She texted a question here and there.  Soon the relationship morphed from a polite friend to treating her like a daughter or a niece.  She was growing and developing and accomplishing before our very eyes.  We would text funny things that happened to us during the day.  And sometimes we would text when terrible things were happening during the day.  We have been in close contact for quite some time now.  I would call that a very dear friend.  And now she is moving on to a new chapter in life.  An opportunity came up and she is taking advantage of it.  I'm so happy for her.  But I will also feel the vacancy of her leaving.  Yes, we are not to cry because it's over, but smile because it happened.  I will smile for her - for all she has attained in getting to this point... but selfishly, through tears.  

Here are those that came to say goodbye.  There were probably about 100 more I could have invited, but the house holds only so many... 

So we are anticipating a very full and wonderful week ahead.  Maybe we will even see some of you!  Until next Monday...  thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey...where is the chairman's new hammock? Next week will be full and wonderful for us...not to say this week won't be full and wonderful either, but you know what I mean :-)

  2. Special post about that special lady!