Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Musings

So here I sit.  
In a Honda dealership waiting for my trusty van to get fresh oil circulating through its engine and move tires to different places so they don't wear down too quickly.  I'm blogging on my iPhone so excuse any typos.   The TV is alarming about a plummeting stock market.  But I don't care!  It's a beautiful day!  I had a very early morning mammogram appointment that was all clear.  Come back in six months!

The past week was filled with making the most of moments.  I could tell the MYP were almost startled that I was ok with hopping in the car to do this or that instead of a lineup of post-it-notes with jobs assigned.  Summer is soon over.  I am realizing how quiet the house will be in a week and I don't want to wish I had done this or that with these growing people.  We hiked and shopped and sipped expensive coffee and wrestled on the floor and had friends coming and going.  Once again I'm thankful for the struggle we had to bring these children into our lives because the Chairman and I don't take these days for granted.  I catch him studying maps of faraway places because he wants to make memories in other places before these many young people fly the coop.  

We also are in the season of preps.  We love these days and what is to come even more.   Even if it means there will be paint in your hair for the next three months.  

I just walked into the showroom and a guy was going to come ask me if I wanted to buy that car but he turned around.  He must know the Chairman makes all those decisions.  Plus I love my trusty van that hauls many, many young people and a dog and dressers I buy off of Craigslist for a reasonable price.

Well thank you for occupying me while i wait for the van to be done.  I'll listen to the worldwide concerns of the plummeting markets and feel an inward thankfulness for a healthy body, a Chairman that comes to sit with me in my nerved up state out of love, and our MYP that should be out of bed but won't be until I get back home.  And for you...  

Intense games that involve slapping
Eggplant project
window shopping (heh)

Be still my heart...

we called ourselves "Prime Time Crew"

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  1. I'm trying to figure out what you painted........ and I decided it must be one of those male places that I just didn't go into much!