Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A fair deal...

That's right.  It was the fair, but really, it wasn't that great of a deal.

Yesterday, I took our two daughters that are mostly darling and a friend that is mostly darling and off we went to the dairyland state fair!  Our tickets to get in the fair were half-price.  That was the last we saw of a good deal.  The rest was pretty much expensive in my frugal mind.

Fitz loved the fair!  If you are a newbie reader, Fitz is my fitbit.  I put on eight miles and exceeded all his expectations for once.  I'm not so sure how today will pan out.

I tend to think of myself as just an average eater.  We do tend to eat "lighter" at our house with not a lot of heavy or fried foods.  I looked around and the food choices were crazy-bad.  I did end up finding some slightly-better options, but came home after 8 and a half hours with a stomachache.  And to answer your question, I did not eat these.
As you can imagine, the fair here in dairyland has a lot, I mean a LOT to do with milk and cheese and Holsteins.  When you live in this area you kind of sorta think of it all as normal.  So I was walking around looking at it as if I was visiting from Alabama and it was kind of fascinating.

I spent some time in the barns because deep down inside of me, I secretly wish I were a farmer's wife.  I wrote that as a life goal in first grade and I think it is still there.  I don't think the Chairman has any plans for a career change, so I'll just walk around on my own and enjoy the sights and sounds and smells (I think it smells lovely) of the livestock.  These fair cows are nearly pets.  I watched a beautiful black angus get a shower and he blinked slowly (and seemingly lovingly) at his young teenage owner.
 Our fair is famous for the cream puff.  I stood in line for approximately 10 minutes for mine.  It basically is a simple cream puff filled to the brim with sweet whipped cream (the real deal of course) and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  Based on my 5 seconds of research, over 400,000 were sold last year.  They are good, but I wouldn't write home about it.  Maybe just blog...
Then there's the milk house!  For 25 cents you get a glass of milk.  Regular white isn't an option.  But you can get root beer or strawberry or banana or chocolate milk!
 Here's some cheese winners!  The sizes of the chunks are worth noting and according to some more five second research, these chunks are worth a bit of money.

The girls enjoyed rides at the midway or whatever you call those things that are transported there on semi-trucks, put together hopefully correctly, and plugged into some humongous power source.  There's flashing lights and naughty pictures and you're thrown around until you are dizzy and feel like retching.  At least that's what they told me.  I held their purses.

A few observations.  Carnie-rats or whatever you call them are not to be seen.  I'm not sure if they are trying to clean up the image or what, but it seemed to be college guys/gals running the rides.  I'm wondering where all the carnie-rats went to?

Some people should not ride those swinging chairs.  Especially when the person tries to exit the ride brings her swing with her and requires the man in charge to pry the seat off her bottom like it was super-glued on.

You know those websites that show the "people of Walmart"?  I actually like the Walmart nearby here and rarely see the "people of Walmart".  But I found them yesterday!  Each and every one!  The people-watching nearly made my eyes dry out because I didn't want to blink and miss the next sight!  I try to keep this blog family-friendly, but I just might take it down a notch or two and show you this.  It actually looked worse in person.  I wouldn't call her "My Fair Lady" or even the "Fairest of the Fair".
So there you have it.  My fair deal.  That wasn't so fair.  But it was very memorable!


  1. I loved our county fair. I was in 4-H so we had free gate admission and since we lived less than a block away, we could go whenever we wanted. The best day was "kid's day", when we girls would take our brothers to the rides.

  2. Bu ha ha ha ! What a good read this was! Seriously...people go out in public so dreadfully embarrassing looking!!

  3. I love the smell of cows, too. (Trivia: Alexander McCall Smith often mentions 'the sweet breath of cows' in his books! I'm not sure I've ever smelled cow breath! )
    That poor woman. You would think logic (or a mirror) could help her out!