Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Musings

Well here we are again!  Those of you that have been to places like we have been know the sense of busy and urgency getting ready to go and the busy once you return.  You see the place we were at was a family reunion!  Except this one is better than most because there are so many there.

This year there were lots and lots and LOTS there at this family reunion.  I had a lot of blood relation at this reunion but there were also more people there that I am not related to by blood.  But they are family and in all honestly, there's not a lot of difference in feeling for others whether you share the same genetics or not.  It's all wonderful.

At this reunion, we are all so different in size, shape, color, age, yet so very much the same.  That cannot be put into words.

This reunion had old, middle-aged, young, and very young.  In fact, there were lots of young.  Like in the hundreds.  Several nights these young people were gathered together to sing and as I walked by it was just as if it were angels.  Really.  It's hard to keep dry eyes when you walk by this lit up building and see all these young people sitting together in unity and singing.  It makes one very hopeful and encouraged for the future.

At these reunions, we see some of the same people we have known since we were wee little kids.  I met many new ones this year.  It's all so good.

I enjoy a few social media places during normal weeks.  It is fascinating to me how utterly disinterested I am of all of that when I'm away at these reunions.  It honestly doesn't even come to mind.  I think that's a good thing.

The food and the accommodations were very good.  But the bread that was shared was even better.

I had to giggle one day when son #1 came to the camper and asked, 'don't we have any cheese curds?'.  You know you're from Dairyland when you say things like that.

We witnessed a couple of births at this reunion.  As you can imagine there was joy unspeakable.

So now we are back to the responsibility and the reality of life again.  We have only three weeks before there are pencils and books and teacher's dirty looks (well we hope not anyway!).  We have some things on our bucket list we need to check off yet.  We also have a lawn to mow and a garden to tend and a house to clean and groceries to buy and about nine loads of laundry to do before we sleep again.

The mighty Simba wasn't so mighty right before we left.  He got in a fight and wasn't the biggest Tom in town.  He received a deep puncture wound on his leg.  He's going to be ok, and the gaping wound is healing, but the vet it would take some time.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures.  I don't take many at these reunions because for some reason, it all seems so sacred and doesn't seem the time nor place.  However, one day I returned to my camper and Grandma was in there directing these unbelievably precious and beautiful grandaughters as they sang the Korean national anthem.  It was simply cuteness overload.

So is this.  Daughter #2 had a blast entertaining and enjoying these three.
I'm a bit partial, but I think these two are pretty nice too.
And this is my view as I type...  I think he missed us.


  1. I love that all this makes perfect sense to me!!

  2. It was great to see you and visit with you for a few minutes at our family reunion! They were wonderful, helpful days.