Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Musings

Well good morning!  Or afternoon!  Or whenever you happen to be pulling up the latest from the Chairman and Co.  We are thoroughly enjoying the throes of summer.

Yes, Fitz really gave me the fits yesterday.  I've been walking my shoe tread down the past week trying to meet every quota Fitz expects of me.  I've not failed yet.  And!  Drum roll... I've gained one pound!  WHAT?  Isn't the whole point of this rotten rubber bracelet is to lose a few pounds.  At this rate I'll be pushing 200 by next year.  Fitz and I will need to have a talk if this silliness keeps up.

We have some really neat men that come to our house a few times/year.  This last time they came they left something behind for us.  It was kefir grains.  Now before you get all haughty and think I'm going "granola" on you, hear me out.  The Chairman and I are having a large glass for breakfast each and every day and I have to admit that I feel better somehow.  There's 2.987 billion or gazillion probiotics in this sludge we are slurping though it does smell and look eerily similar to baby spit-up in large volumes.   I've been adding hemp, ground flax, chia and a bit of maple syrup (the real deal of course) to the stuff.  Makes it palatable.  So if I get the flu or a cold or something worse, it isn't because I haven't tried to keep it away.

We had a lovely time celebrating the 4th of July.  It began with our pilgrimage into the city to watch a massive fireworks display with friends.  This time there were about 35 of us together.  As usual, the visiting was the best part.  In fact, this year I chatted away with the one closest to me throughout the whole incredible display that lasted an hour.  I hope she didn't mind.  Heh.

I was texted several times from a neighbor while we were downtown enjoying ourselves.  It seems Lisi decided she had been home alone long enough and wandered off looking for companionship.  She found it right across the street and stayed there until we got home at midnight.  I was texted a couple pictures.  She looked like she was suffering at their backyard party.  Anyway, when we got home I walked over to retrieve her (get the pun?).  She cowered and flipped over on her back and looked terrified that I was going to bring her home.  I joked to the neighbor man that he must think I beat her when no one is looking.  Well come to find out she must have been shocked with her invisible fence collar on the way out of the yard and didn't want to have that happen heading home.  I took it off and she trotted home happily.

Then the Chairman put away the Chairman's hat and donned a Captain's hat and we headed off to the deep blue sea.  Well actually, just to a nearby lake with the two MYP that were home.  I'd add a picture of the Chairman and myself but seeing me in a middle-age swimsuit or maybe better described as one from the Middle Ages isn't good for the retinas.  Son #1 was off on his own adventure helping do projects and having ridiculous amounts of fun with family.

And so another week is here!  A blissful - summertime week.  Two sisters with birthdays one day and three years apart.  We never knew when daughter #1 joined our family that daughter #2 would have a birthday right next door.  It's been wonderful and awful at the same time.  But we try to celebrate individually as well as together.

Three teenagers in the house as of this week.  It is very different than having three toddlers.  But most often in a very good way.  Happy week ahead!

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  1. I just knew Fitz was a bad 'un!
    And, of course, Ido so love to see pix of people I know on here! (waving)