Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Musings

Yes you're absolutely right.  I didn't blog last week.  I think it's a first in probably a year or so.  It didn't seem to affect many people's lives, so that's comforting.  However I missed you, and writing, and so blog I must!

Can you tell anything is different?  I'm guessing not.  From the outside, we look the same.  From the inside, we feel so very different.  We were just at an extra-special place for a bit over four days.  The rains came down in both a natural and spiritual way.  And my heart feels like the flooded ground we walked on.

This place is a magnet for young people.  If my math serves me right, I believe that nearly 2/3 of the crowd was under the age of 30.  I find that just astounding and wonderful and it makes the future look so bright in a very dark world.

As you can imagine, the singing was just beautiful.  I love singing.  I love singing parts.  And I pretty much am sure my favorite thing to do on this earth is to sing with the 1000 other people.  We were surrounded by young ones in our seats that have beautiful voices.  It was heavenly.

I must not have looked very good last year.  This year I was there sporting my new glasses and I received about four or five compliments each day on how the glasses made me look so good.  (heh)

I had a lot of family there.  In fact of my near-extended family, we were missing only three.  It was really, really nice to be with them all.  However, I had incredible visits and feelings with so many different ones that don't share a drop of my blood or my name.  And they felt like family.  I love that feeling.

I met several blog readers that came to ask if I was the Chairman's Wife.  That makes me nervous for some reason.  I hope I don't waste your time.

The Chairman had to miss a little bit of the time there.  It seems like when you have the one you love by your side you have more confidence.  At least I'm that way.  I was so glad when he returned.

So the real reality of it is that I have a lot to do today.  I see a stack of bills that need to be tended.  I have a camper to clean out.  I need to run get a few groceries.  I need to vacuum the kitchen since our pet sitter brought in some grass.  I have approximately seven loads of laundry to do.  I'd show you a picture of the clothes and bedding piles but I don't want to air out my dirty laundry.

Here's a few pics taken in the camper one night.  I don't like taking pictures on the grounds so I don't have much to share that way.

Have a great week ahead!  We have two weeks until school starts so we need to hit a few 'bucket list' items before that comes!


  1. We too were in a special place last week. We sang 332...every time we sing that hymn I think of you :-)

  2. We were in the same state as you last wkend just not where you were of course, but with family and friends none the less! Our thots were with all who were there though! I too, am thankful for our hymns! :)

  3. Not much better than a whole bunch of people singing their hearts out!
    I'm with you on the pigeon. :)

  4. Some of my darlingest peoples were there, too! Special time for my family as my nephew and niece used their Saturday evening opportunity in the best way possible. ☺