Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time to talk!

Or blog.  I realize it isn't Monday, but somehow my day filled up fast.  So it'll have to be Tuesday for my talk.  Maybe I'll listen some day.

Sweet corn.  Our family enjoys it all through the year.  It is one of those things that simply do not taste as good if store bought.  I dread the 'corn day'.  So this year I would simply purchase a few extra dozen each time we were to have sweet corn.  I didn't have a horrible long day in the kitchen over a boiling kettle, and I also have all the meals I need for the coming year.  Win/Win if you ask me.

School is starting next week.  Someone recently asked me, 'are you excited school starts next week?'.  Honestly?  No.  Despite a grueling double-foot surgery and a long recovery, this has been one of my favorite summers.  Why you ask?  I see the day on the horizon when there won't be MYP coming and going through our doors - ours and others.  Yes, I realize they'll hopefully still be around.  But not as minors marching through the school years.

Some years ago on this blog (I don't have the time to link to the post) I wrote about the "last times".  There was the last time I made a bottle.  The last time I changed a diaper.  The last time I packed a meeting bag.  The last time I had to give baths.  The last time I gave a buzz cut to a little boy.  The last time I combed her hair (oh never mind... I still do that sometimes).  Well this time I can see the last times coming.  So I'm going to enjoy these times.  Even if the size 11 shoes are in my way sometimes.

I'm famous!  You knew that already though didn't you.  Didn't you???   Heh.  Anyway, about six weeks ago I submitted a picture I took to the newspaper.  They responded they might use it.  I half-heartedly would check most days and some days not.  Well last week I flipped the paper over to check the weather and there it was!  My picture!  No one has come forward asking for an autograph.  So I might as well put my pen away.

Our welcome mat has been very busy the past week as many have crossed over it entering the house.  I like it that way.  On Sunday, we had a couple tables full of friends.  One of the ladies that came is from India visiting her daughter and family who happen to be our good friends.  Her tongue has a strong accent to us mid-westerners.  Her dress is different than 'western' dress.   Her background and experiences are very different than ours.  But then she gave her testimony.  And then as she was leaving she gave me a kiss just below my ear on my neck and said, 'you are another daughter to me'.  And do you know what?  She felt just like another mother the way she said it.  Yes, we are one family.

So this is enough talking for today.  I'll pull up my camera roll and see if there's anything you'd be interested in.  Happy end of summertime to you too!


  1. Such a good Tuesday's Talk. Love the pictures and the sayings/signs!

  2. How fun to have a photo in the paper! I love your sayings, too.