Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tasty Tuesday

Why Tasty you ask?  Well I happen to have been cooking up a storm this morning.  We get to have a pile of people over tonight and so the chicken is marinating in buttermilk, the deviled eggs are done, and the three types of dipping sauce have been stirred together.  Is it weird that I look forward to the meal when I'm the one making it?  Maybe so.

I just read about a personality type and I think it describes me perfectly.  I'm an outgoing introvert!  Those of you that know me are saying... yeah, right.  Introvert.  But what I read seems to sum me up.

Once again I was in the throes of parenting and not quite knowing what to do and the Chairman totally seemed to just know what to do in the situation.  Experiences like that catch my breath and make me once again grateful for his wisdom.  When choosing a spouse, I wonder how many really consider how they would be as a parent.  I'm not certain I did, but I'm thankful for the results.

Recently, I received compliments for different things.  They just came at a perfect time when I maybe needed a little boost in my psychotic state.  I hope to remember that... when someone does something or just is someone you admire, just tell them.  A few positive words in season can savor for a long time.

Anyone want to come over to help husk and boil and cut off sweet corn?  (crickets sound).  Yeah I thought so.  It's that time of the year again.

As a follow-up to our little robin birdies.  Only one made it to fledge the nest.  The other two were dead under the tree on two different days.  I did notice though that despite the loss, the mother (or father) were still perched nearby with their one baby singing their song.

As a follow-up to the eldest of the MYP that endured foot surgery... there is great progress!  She is walking around more and more and even hopped on the mower with her feet propped up and mowed our entire yard!  She said it feels good to be able to do something again.  I'm so glad she said that so I can give her a long list of chores today (tee-hee).  Only one open wound from the surgical site and soon she'll be in real shoes instead of the surgery ones.

So I need to move along.  You see I don't want those coming over tonight to write their names on the dust on the piano.  I'd rather it be in a guest book.  Happy rest of the week to you!  Lets look at my cameral roll and see what I can share.
Our worker took this picture of me leaving g.m without my knowledge until he texted it to me.  We've been bringing pillows for daughter #1 to prop up feet.  He found it amusing watching me leave with them in arm.  
Young people eating us out of house and home after time on the lake.  


  1. I think those dryer thingys are designed to blow your skin off. I might be an outgoing introvert, too. And we've done corn two days and one more to go.

  2. Glad to hear the surgery patient's doing better!
    Also- absolutely about that coffee stuff. Duh.