Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Musings on a Monday!

Greetings my friends, acquaintances, or perfect strangers!  I have just a wee bit of time to Muse, so Muse I must.  There's some squash cooling on the counter to scrape off the rind.  There's a substantial snack to feed the starving MYP that will be pulling into the driveway in a few minutes.  And there's a dog to pick up from grooming soon.  I hope she smells better than when I left her.

In random order, here's a bit of Muse.

* I have a weird ability with license plates.  I usually can list off the three letters of the license plate of most of our friends and neighbor's cars.  And when I happen to see one of them at a store or on the road I immediately know it is them.  The other day we were turning into a business and I said, "So and so are here!  The YP riding along said, "how do you know?  There's lots of cars just like that one."  Well my sweet, you didn't read the license plate did you?

*  Do any of you write down things you just did on your planner or things-to-do-list just so you can cross them off?  I do.

* What is your most frequent emoji used on your cell phone?  I think it may or may not be indicative of the type of person you are.  Mine is the emoji that just has the sweet smile.  But a close second is the eyeballs looking sideways.  That's probably because I'm spying on a lot of people.

* I like writing letters and notes to send to people through the mail.  I'm not sure why, but I always feel so satisfied licking the envelope.  That may or may not be my next year's resolution - to write to people more.

* The ants are not just marching one by one and two by two, they are marching by the tens in my kitchen.  I've about had it with them.  Any suggestions are welcome.

* There's a theory out there that people that read blogs or watch vlogs (video blogs) get depressed because they think their life isn't as wonderful and perfect as the ones they are looking in at.  Well yesterday was one of 'those' days.  There was a lot of angst in the house.  There was conflict.  There were some tears.  And there was a few hours in the night that their mother was thinking that parenting some times can be very, very hard.  You see it's kind of like parenting whiplash.  The rewards, encouragement, discipline, etc. that works for one might be the exact opposite of what works for another.  Don't get me wrong.  Our MYP are wonderful.  But they aren't perfect and as parents, we aren't either.  We're all learning in this journey of life and I just want to let you know that life is very real here too.

* On a happier note, this week's weather looks so lovely!  Most weeks that is a very significant statement because who doesn't love comfortable, fall days?  Well this week will be just wonderful because of all that goes on in an old machine shed that has been transformed to a very special place.  We all so look forward to those days and I'm so glad the MYP anticipate it all like they did when they were three.

* If you come, stop by the bathroom and tell me hello!  If you're a man, please wait until I carry the garbage out.  Thanks for your understanding.  I don't want to hear blood-curdling screams while I'm working.


  1. Looking forward to stopping by and saying hello! :)

  2. I like to write letters, but no stamp licking for me! Every year I aim to do better, and I do, but not as well as I'd like.
    Too bad Menomonie isn't on your list!

  3. Reading blogs makes me happy! I'm just slow. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Reading blogs makes me happy! I'm just slow. ๐Ÿ˜€