Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Musings

A picture is worth a thousand words.  I sure hope so because all I'm going to give you this time is one picture.

I've just returned some from extra-special days.  "Conbenchion" like one of our MYP used to call it.  We sit on chairs now so it's probably not so accurate.

There were a lot of moments when my human brain said, 'this would make such a nice picture'.  But it isn't the time nor the place to take pictures so I'll try to share with words.

Though there's a huge crowd, there's a beautiful picture of working together.  Fitly-joined.  It almost seems no one is the 'boss'.  And yet, the work of feeding, housing, and encouraging a large group seems almost effortless - though we know that is far from the truth.

It is beautiful to see large groups of YP standing around just sharing and laughing and being in the present.  It is also beautiful to not see any personal electronic devices out and people "hiding" behind them.

I loved to see a young person gently guide a very elderly person into the diner.  They weren't related at all.  I also loved to see an older person help guide another one that was yet older over a small hill.  They both were 'helps'.

Again, there was a mass of young singers blending their voices in sweet harmony.  For some reason my eyes always want to leak when I hear them.

I'm not sure how they do it, but the meals are just utterly wholesome and delicious and plentiful.  When you look into the cookhouse, it's as if there's a bunch of worker bees buzzing around making it all happen.  And most of the time there are huge grins on their faces while they do it.

Here is the picture that I'll share.
I think it's ten years now that I've been a part of the "Loo Crew".  The ones that work by my side change from year to year, but the helpfulness is the same.  I posted this picture on FB and there's been over 100 "likes" and lots of thoughtful comments.  I wasn't looking for the comments because I fear I'm losing my reward with each additional comment.  

The reason I posted it was because one little girl came in and said, 'it smells like Skittles in here!'.  I was so happy as it was Saturday night and usually things aren't so "Skittly" after we've had approximately 400 ladies use the facilities many times a day.  Thankfully we stayed ahead of the game and hopefully it smelled like the strawberry Skittles.  Those are my favorite. 

In a world of so much negativity, it is so wonderful to be in a place that only focuses on the positive and all that is for us.  I'm thankful for quiet resting places.  And I'm thankful for the pictures that will feed my mind and heart for the next year. 

Now off to more mundane things like folding the last four loads of laundry and rushing to the store to fill the fridge and pantry once again.  

Happy week ahead to you!


  1. I love your word picture of convention...I love my heart picture that I am treasuring, of ours, that is just past.

  2. I'm trying not to cry about Bonita. That's at least partly why things in that kitchen have been that way. That's not why I want to cry though.
    Looks like you had good helpers!