Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday Musings

I hope you all give me a break for not Musing on Monday.  It was a holiday after all!  And I may have been lazy on Labor Day.  Go figure.

Holidays are a bit off-settling.  It seems for three day weekends, each and every day I wake up thinking it is Sunday.  Well once it was anyway.  

It's hot today!  I refuse to turn on the a/c since it is September 6.  However, the humidity and the temperatures and a few hot flashes thrown in for a good measure are making it steamy.

So backing up!  I headed to the Hawkeye state as I previously noted with my sweet sister.  It was everything I hoped it to be and much, much more.  I got to see old friends (she's really not that old), lots of cows and pigs, lots of special people gathered at a special place, and lots of extended family and more friends.  Yes it was that good.  It seems that the two short days I had away did much for my heart.  And for that, I'm grateful.  (I didn't ask for permission for any of these pictures to be posted.  So if you are reading this and don't want to be here, just let me know!)
This lady and I were into lots of mischief in the past.  Our lives are very different now, but deep down, we still kinda think alike.

behind the scenes of a very special picture

The man on the right was a huge influence to me as a growing teen.  I also owe the fact that I can play 412 hymns to him as he made me learn them so I could play a little pump organ for his meetings. 

and the next generation
 Then it was the first day of school!  This is one of those 'last times'.  This is the last time I'll take all three together.  We now have a Sr, Jr, and Freshman.  Bwah.  Where did my babies go?
So yesterday started off by me saving a life.  No, no one was choking here.  Well on second thought, yes!   Someone was indeed choking here.  The cat was choking on bird feathers as he walked up to the deck.  So I went out and poked at him until he meowed and the little finch flew out of his mouth and away from the terror.  I think I've saved four birds' lives this summer alone.  Then we did some dog sitting for the neighbor dog and then enjoyed a campfire.  
Goldens and labs will sit very still if there's treats involved

Son #1 brought out some hotdogs to roast and he left them on the ground right by Lisi.  Don't tell son #1, but Lisi may or may not have drooled on his hot dog.  Thankfully, she didn't eat it.
So this is probably enough!  I was already thanked for having the bathrooms so clean next week at our convention.  Whew.  Talk about pressure now!  I hope I lie up to expectations.

Have a good week!


  1. Lisi is sitting up nice and straight while waiting for the treat, but the Lab is leaning forward. Just. Like. Mocha!! Also, enjoy this last year with all three in H.S. It will go so fast!

  2. I'm ok with getting older, mostly. But I have a hard time seeing babies grow up. It's nice and great but so permanent. Yours look like lovely people!
    That pigeon pic cracked me up!