Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Monday Musings on a Tuesday

Here I am!  I didn't forget!  I like blogging!  And I like you (whoever you are!).

It's chilly out there!  Fall came in quickly.  And I love it.  I'm wearing some Lularoe leggings two days in a row under my skirt.  Speaking of which... I saw this.  This should say "when you realize how many Lularoe groups you've been invited to".

We are getting our family picture taken quickly tomorrow before our senior goes off for her senior pictures.  Picking out coordinating but not matchy clothes for our group of five has not been fun trying to figure out.  I almost hoped it would pour rain so we could delay it a week.  Do you think I could lose five pounds tonight before we have our picture taken tomorrow?  I hear when you are in front of a camera you look bigger than you are.

I had a massage last week.  As I laid there in my semi-conscious state I realized it seemed to be the same music that is played at funeral homes.  They must think it is soothing.  I wonder if disagreements would immediately be settled between the MYP if I quickly turned it on?  It's worth a shot!  Plus they might forget their issue and focus on their mother that has mental problems.  Heh.

The internet was down one whole evening here at the Chairman and Co.  It was nice and horrible at the same time.  Nice because everyone wasn't tied up with it.  Horrible because 99.9% of the homework assigned requires the world wide web.  So since mothers have all the answers, I was asked repeatedly why and when the internet would be restored.

I picked up a new modem and as I was driving home I wondered what just was inside that little box of magic?  What's the difference between a modem and a router?  What's inside a router for goodness sake?  These are all rhetorical questions because quite frankly, I don't want the answer.  It would make my brain seize.  

I just returned from a trip to Costco.  I quickly ran in for a return and to pick up three things.  I walked out nearly an hour later with a cart of $205 worth of goods.  I hate that place.  And love it.  There was a lady there that had perfume so strong I could smell her at least 30' away.  I wonder what that would be like to smell so strongly of perfume and that's all you'd smell wherever you go.  I wonder if she smelled the chocolate chip cookies baking like I did?  

And then there's Willie!  Who's Willie you ask?  He's a little dog that come to our house for a weekend visit since his doting parents were out of town.  When I first saw him, I thought he was quite honestly, the ugliest little thing.  Then he came to stay with us and I forgave him is looks and fell pretty hard for the little thing.  Pugs LOVE people.  Or at least he loved me.  If I even looked like I was going to provide a lap he was up next to me before I could get my bottom sat down.  He'd blink slowly at me gazing deep in my eyes.  And he'd snore worse than any old man you've come across.   The Chairman said he looked like a cross between a dog and a bat and a pig.   I miss him already.
He never asked for an invite.  Laps are made to be sat on.

Yes, they got along splendid

I was eating potato chips

Yep.  No matter what you were doing. 

Yesterday we were at a college fair for our high schoolers.  It was nice but made me wish in a way we were looking at preschools instead.  That just happened yesterday didn't it?

So have I bored you enough?  Lets see what's on my camera roll.  

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  1. Oh boy. Strong perfume. Does the food taste like it, too?