Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Musings

Here I am again!  Back in the drivers seat ready to Muse.  Lets see where this goes.

I feel like a contrarian this morning.  You know come September you see everything pumpkin spice?  Well it is nearly spring and I have had a hankering for pumpkin bundt cake.  One is currently baking in the oven.  Pumpkin spice... in the spring.  I feel so risque.  Maybe I'll do up some lemon bars in October.

So how's the time change going for you?  I enjoy the longer evenings but I certainly don't like walking around the house changing all the clocks - much less feeling like a truck hit me.  And I'm a morning person.  I remember it being brutal when we had babies and the time change was the night before our special meeting.  It's still brutal with teenagers.  On a Monday morning.

We've had water issues in the basement again.  Some 'float valve' isn't working.  In spite of that frustration, I'm very thankful we know a plumber that lives nearby.  As the water level was rising at 8:30 Saturday night I texted him a picture of the alarm going off and he immediately called with a temporary fix.  Because of the water issue, I can't do laundry until he comes.  I am enjoying the day off of folding socks.  But if he doesn't come over in the next day or so, I might be heading to the store to buy underwear for some family members since they tend to have a low inventory.  Heh.

As most of you know, our MYP came in rapid fire.  We return from China with child #1.  Two months later we welcome newborn #2.  Two years later newborn #3 is born to us.  Since #3 never liked being a baby and walked and talked before the age of one, we practically treated our MYP as triplets.

We ran the household with a military-precision schedule for a few years for my own sanity.  I sometimes wish I wouldn't have been so intense those days.  Soon school.  And lanky legs and crooked teeth and broken lamps.  Then a son that towers over me.  A fashionable daughter.  A graduation.  Another looming in a couple months.  Three drivers.

I was reading an article about the 20 truths of teenagers.  Yes, they will make mistakes.  Yes, they may dent your car.  Yes, they leave humongous shoes and backpacks strewn all over the house.  Yes they go to bed too late.  Yes, they have a sometimes-snarky comeback to a soft suggestion.  It's kind of like riding a roller coaster you can't get off.  Whooo-eee! 

So the days go on, I feel myself wanting to once again freeze time.   Some of the time they have their friends here.  This weekend we had one come for one night and two the next.  All different teens.  They are often gone - sometimes for entire weekends.  But I love, love to have the bedrooms full and them all home again.  I love our nearly adult conversations with them.  I love that we not only love them, but we like them.  They haven't left but I miss them already.

Well if you will excuse me, I've got a delicious cake coming out of the oven.  It smells like fall in here.  Heh


  1. I am so glad you’re back. I’ve missed your musings.

  2. Sounds like fun times going around! There are lots of memories going on. I don't mind the Daylight Savings Time Change since I don't have kids to get up for school. Oh wait, I have grandkids!! By today, we are back to normal. Nothing like a good run outside to tire them out.

  3. I missed the pumpkin cake the first time, probably because since then I made pumpkin bars which I make any time of the year, mostly because of the cream cheese frosting.